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Time for Windhoek City bosses to put shoulder to the wheel

2020-12-04  Carlos Kambaekwa

Time for Windhoek City bosses to put shoulder to the wheel
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If one thing is allowed to happen, then this will inevitably trigger a chain of subsequent events, just as you knock over one domino, then this will topple the next, which will topple the next and so on.
Without beating about the bush, yours truly has never been one in the habit of multiplying entities beyond necessity. Firstly, let me doff my “korrie” (hat) to the newly-elected City of Windhoek councillors, entrusted to run the habitually murky domestic affairs of Namibia’s commercial hub, Windhoek.

Secondly, my humble advice to my learned colleagues is to do straight away with sugar-coating undeserved politically well-connected individuals, notably those in power of decision-making structures.
Nowadays it’s very painful to drive around Windhoek and witness street names such as Von Trotha, Berlin, Washington and many other meaningless entities with no significant value to our historical background. It’s my humble plea to the councillors to start considering genuine heroes in the shape of artists, artistes, athletes, etc. 

Make it a priority to rename the Khomasdal sport stadium to Bobby Sissing stadium, the man who played a pivotal role in changing the fortunes of Namibian football through his hard-core stance against racial prejudices and segregation during the height of apartheid. 

The hippy look-alike “tak haar” toppie took it upon his tiny shoulders to boycott multi-racial football in an era where non-whites were still treated as second-class citizens in the land of their ancestors. Uncle Bob fearlessly paddled on the much despised slogan “We Can’t Play Normal Sport in an Abnormal Society” under the banner of the militant South African Council of Sport (Sacos).

Truth be told, Bobby has done more for football than any other known football administrator in history. He was the man who singlehandedly came to the rescue of the breakaway Namibia Soccer Super League (NSSL) when the whites-dominated Swafa denied the so-called rebel league access to state facilities. 

The likes of Andre Stoop, Dr Rudi van Vuuren, Sarel Lopser, Johan Diergaardt, Heinrich “Soppies” de Waal, Daniel Haitembu, Johanna Benson, Times Mwetuyela, Lazarus Kapolo, Ellen van Harte, Steve Stephanus, Joseph “Joe Archer” Shikongo, Hermann “Pele” Blaschke, Ruben Gowaseb, Oscar Mengo, Lemmy Narib, Jackson Kaujeua, Paulus Ambunda, Hasso Ahrens, Simon Sisingi Hiskia, Pius Eigowab, Harry Simon, Lukas Hipondoka, Julius Indongo, Mohammed Ouseb, Hitman Moses, Ricardo Mannetti, and many other unheralded heroes and heroines deserve to have their names listed in the golden pages of our national archives or have them displayed on streets, instead of these worn-out nine-day wonder politicians. I rest my case.    

2020-12-04  Carlos Kambaekwa

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