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Opinion - To parents and guardians

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

Opinion - To parents and guardians

Allow me to express my deepest feelings and opinion about what I think being a teacher means. 

Many of us, if not all, think teaching, as a profession is only about transferring knowledge and skills to a pupil.

Teaching means more than what it may seem. 

I believe teachers can testify to this. 

Inside the classroom, teachers carry out a variety of tasks, ranging from administration, such as taking roll calls and keeping attendance registers; planning schemes of work and year plans; producing their teaching materials; to classroom management by ensuring a clean and conducive learning environment; maintaining discipline among learners; assessment and evaluation; assigning activities to the learners; marking learners’ written work; compiling CA marks for learners; issuing report cards to the learners at the end of a semester; planning extra-mural activities, and supervising learners to take part in sports, cultural activities, and so forth – not to forget general duties, which include tasks, such as taking responsibility of school materials (chairs, desks, books, etc.) The list is endless.

At times, children come to school looking sad and depressed due to certain life circumstances they go through. 

As a teacher, one is expected to find out what may be wrong and give support to such a learner to make him/her feel loved and appreciated. 

Children go to school with homework undone, and/or not having a pen. 

Some go to the extent of skipping classes without their parents’ consent. 

They miss tests; yet, when they fail, all the blame is put on the teacher.

It is high time parents play a role in their children’s education to avoid pointing fingers at teachers when things do not go right. 

Pay a visit to schools just to find out if your child is there; have time to talk to their teachers to get to know your child’s performance and behaviour. 

When they come home, check in their books to see what they have learned. 

Help them with their homework. 

Make sure they are ready when they go to school, and that they have all the required stationary. 

If we can do a little of what we can, we are going to celebrate a victory at last!


* Erastus Ihemba holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Natural sciences from the University of Namibia.

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

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