• July 19th, 2019
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Tobias appeals Nekundi head-butt verdict

Staff Reporter Windhoek Local Featherweight boxer Onesmus Nekundi, a protégé of the MTC Sunshine Promotions stable, lost his National Featherweight title to Kendy Imalwa under questionable circumstances during the No Mercy Part 7 Bout Boxing Bonanza in Windhoek last Saturday. Nekundi, who was at that stage dominating the contest, saw the fight stopped by referee Ricky Tshabalala in round seven when his opponent (Imalwa) was unable to continue. The referee ruled the incident as an “intentional head-butt” on the part of Nekundi and declared Imalwa the new champion. The incident did not go down exactly well with the audience and Nekundi’s corner, the revered MTC Sunshine team. The latter has reportedly submitted a formal appeal to have the decision revoked by the Namibia Professional Boxing Control Board. “Yes, I can confirm that we have submitted a formal appeal and while we respect the decision of referees, we also know they are human and can make grave mistakes, which was clearly the case in this particular incident,” charged Tobias. “We have obtained and subsequently submitted video evidence that clearly shows Nekundi being the busier of the two boxers throwing the most punches, while Imalwa came forward with his head. Two things are clear from the evidence. Firstly, the wound clearly seems to have been caused by his punches, as his head appears nowhere near Imalwa’s. “However, in the unlikely event that the two heads clashed, which does not seem to be the case, it could never be ruled as intentional on the part of both boxers. “The evidence speaks for itself and we simply want justice to be restored by the Boxing Control Board and we have absolutely no hard feelings against the referee, who we regard as an experienced and respected official,” said Tobias, adding that he is confident that the Boxing Control Board will do the right thing.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-25 09:39:32 1 years ago

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