• January 24th, 2020

Top Class Namibia to host Project X party

  Aletta Shikololo
WINDHOEK – A Namibian multimedia company, Top Class, will be hosting the first of its kind party in the country, which is said to take place on 9 November at the Liverpool Stadium in Okahandja. 

The party is inspired by a popular American comedy film ‘Project X’, which is based on three friends who plan to gain popularity by throwing a massive party, a plan which quickly escalates out of their control. Speaking to Entertainment Now!, the Founder of Top-Class Namibia, Changa Mugwala, was quick to point out that even though the name is similar to that of the movie, their intention is not to promote irresponsible drinking of alcohol among young people but to bring the youth together, giving them one day to unwind with quality music at an affordable price and also give small and medium enterprises a chance to showcase their business.

“This festival also gives local artists and DJs a chance to promote their music. With the youth stamina for a good party, Project X tries to bring that party to life, with a great performance line up and a number of festivities such as portable pools, FIFA tournament, dance competition, darts and many more activities,” explained Mugwala, who is also the Executive Director of a television show ‘Saturday Breakfast Show’, which is airing on Namibia Broadcasting Corporation. According to Mugwala, the theme ‘The party you have only dreamed of’ simply means one is not limited to drinks and that does not mean people should drink irresponsibly.

In 2012, there was a report of a teenage girl who was raped by two young men at a Project X Party in Windhoek. However, Mugwala said that incident is not associated with the Project X of this year. “We are aware of what happened; however, the two parties are totally different. We do not support underage or irresponsible drinking and the safety of the people is guaranteed,” he commented. He further said the concept of the party came about when they realised that people have a problem when it comes to paying for entrance at most festivals and still going to spend money in the event. “With Project X, we want everyone to enjoy without having to spend much on beverages at the event since they have already paid for the entrance,” Mugwala said, The organisers of the event are planning to have another event of that kind on 1 January in Katima Mulilo.


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