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Top performer shares secret to success

2021-02-17  Aletta Shikololo

Top performer shares secret to success
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Gideonna Awases (18) says success has no secret, it is actually a result of preparation, hard work, and determination. Awases is the best overall performer nationally in six Namibia Secondary Senior Certificate (NSSC) ordinary level subjects.
Youth Corner caught up with Awases and asked her to share the secret to her academic success.

Awases who matriculated at St Boniface College in the Kavango-east region said she has always been an average learner when she started high school until grade 11 in the third term when she was urged to do ordinary level.

“I was not a top performer and in grade 11, I was put in the high-level class and I had all my subjects on a high level. In the first term, I was position 41 out of 50 learners and the second term I still did not perform well, I performed worse than the first term, so I was moved to ordinary level when studying became a bit easier for me,” explained Awases who attributed her success to hard work and sheer determination.
Being at the top-performing school in the country, Awases said their school has no room for relaxation.

“Even when we get free time, we dedicate it to studying. At my school, we are always motivated to be disciplined and determined. In short, we are always told to do the right things, at the right time, with the right people,” she said.
Awases also acknowledges a strong support system from her parents, saying they have invested so much money in her education and she owes it all to them.

“It is because of them I am still here and I worked so hard just to pay them back,” she added.
Awases, who obtained 40 points in five subjects intends to study Electronic Engineering at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST).

As for those who did not make it, she encouraged them to improve their marks and work harder.
“I understand the anxiety about the uncertainty and the fear of failing but after all, you never know how close you are to succeed. To the current grade 12 and other learners, I would like to tell them that achieving such a goal is not just a walk in the park, so do not give up.” 

2021-02-17  Aletta Shikololo

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