• August 13th, 2020

 Top trending - Bishop Madigari ‘Ome Migub’

The top trending clip is of a new ballad to the social media waves by Bishop Madigari titled Ome Migub.
The song has so far raked in more than 7 000 views and close to 700 shares on Facebook.
“The uncle is using a donkey whip. Shakira, why are you allowing Ashanti to be beaten alone? Shakira, what kind of a person are you? ” sings Boli Mootseng, also known as Bishop Madigari. He continues to say only Ashanti was beaten nicely and she took one for the team with the donkey whip making her scream.

A video recording, which has since gone viral on social media and still is receiving condemnation from the public at large, shows Frans Migub /Goagoseb aka Ou Migub whipping Daniel ‘Ashanti’ Koos, a transgender man while tied to a chair. According to Koos, it was the second time /Goagoseb assaulted her, with the first beating having occurred in December. Koos allegedly extorted money from /Goagoseb by pretending to be a young woman that the former presidential candidate was interested in and has at some point communicated with on Koos’ cellphone. It is also alleged that when /Goagoseb found out in December that Koos was pretending to be that woman, he assaulted him. 

Despite the circumstances, which led to the creation of the ballad, the damara punch infused lyrics have created euphoria leading to applaud from those on social media praising the creativity behind it.
Could this be another song of the year in the country? Ningeni utale
– psiririka@nepc.co.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-05-08 09:58:56 | 3 months ago

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