• September 25th, 2020

Topnaars get bigger clinic

UTUSEB – The Topnaar people living in the Kuiseb valley, situated about 70 kilometres on the outskirts of Walvis Bay, will no longer need to travel to the harbour town to access full healthcare.

This is all thanks to the Ministry of Health and Social Services, which extended a proper health facility to the 1 500 Topnaars living in the Dorob National Park.
Initially, patients could get treated for minor health issues and referred to Walvis Bay, as the clinic only consisted of one room. 

Previously, they could only access some services and get treatment for minor illnesses. However, the ministry extended the facility so that it can now offer antenatal care, emergency deliveries, HIV/Aids counselling and testing, as well as emergencies before they can be referred to Walvis Bay. 

Health minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula, during the inauguration of the new clinic on Tuesday afternoon, said the government has spent N$15.6 million to construct the facility that consists of consulting rooms, a pharmacy, a multipurpose room and nurses’ accommodation.

“This facility will enable us to ensure many ailments are prevented at household and community level, with fewer people being sent to the hospital, as we have equipped it with a better and much stronger primary health care system,” Shangula said.

He then emphasised the importance of primary healthcare, saying it is indeed the backbone of Namibia’s public healthcare system.

“Government will continue to promote the health and social wellbeing of its people; hence, I am sure this facility will go a long way in strengthening healthcare delivery to the community,” he explained.
Acting chief of the Topnaar community Stoffel Anamab thanked the government for looking at the interest of his people.

He said the facility now allows his people to access more services, unlike in the past where they had to travel to Walvis Bay.

“However, I would like to request that the clinic be renamed after the late chief Seth Kooitjie, as he was the driving force behind the extension of the clinic,” he appealed.
The new clinic staff consists of two permanent nurses, a health assistant and a cleaner.

Eveline de Klerk
2020-02-27 07:02:33 | 6 months ago

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