• August 15th, 2020

TrenTyre embarks on Student Safety Campaign

TrenTyre Namibia constantly strives to be at the forefront of providing the best available service, support and expert knowledge to their customers throughout the country. The safety of their customers has always been one of their main priorities which led to Trentyre Namibia, with the support from Goodyear SA, initiating their Student Safety Campaign. 

According to Henrico du Plessis, CEO of Trentyre Namibia, they are all fully aware of the limited resources currently available to schools throughout Namibia which was one of the main driving factors for their involvement in this campaign. 

Trentyre is a firm believer that there is no value we can be placed on the safety of our most precious cargo, our children. For this reason Trentyre Namibia and Goodyear SSA felt very strongly to initiate this campaign by supporting Windhoek High School (WHS) in acquiring world class premium truck tyres for two of their main busses to the value of  N$55 000. The Goodyear tyres being supplied during this campaign have a minimim lifespan of 220 000 km which will enable WHS to transport their precious cargo to any academic, cultural or sporting event throughout Namibia and South Africa for many years to come and ensure that the right tyres with the right application has been fitted to the fleet of busses.

Hawie Engels, Principal of WHS, commented that the school is extremely gratefull for this level of support which allows the school to focus all of their time and resources in providing the level of academic, cultural and sporting that all the students and parents expect. 

“As this fleet of WHS buses is constantly being used by various teams and organisations throughout the year, it is a welcome relief that a critical part to the safety of the busses has now been taken care off,” said Engels. 

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