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Tribute to departed netball icon Ebenezer Uaraeua Hindjou 1966 - 2020

Just as the nation comes to terms with the sudden departure of midfield general Nathaniel Alele Kapule, also known as “Zico”, in football circles, another sport legend has died.
The netball fraternity and teaching community in general mourn the shock passing and at the same time celebrate the life of popular primary schoolteacher Ebenezer Uaraeua Turiko-Hindjou. The deceased was a vibrant schoolteacher at the Gammams Primary School in Khomasdal, Windhoek at the time of her untimely departure. Madam Hindjou died in a Windhoek hospital after a mysterious short illness on Sunday. She will be laid to rest tomorrow at Ombujovakuri village in the Okakarara constituency.
As has become customary practice during these dark hours in need, New Era Sport takes you our esteemed reader through the amazing spotless life journey and untold netball exploits of the athletically built queen of the court, as we pay a fitting tribute to an unsung heroine.


Born Ebenezer Uaraeua Turika on the 16th of July 1966 in the northern town of Otjiwarongo, in the vast Otjozondjupa region, young Uaraeua was your typical well brought up collective native girl ever since her formative years in her birthplace Otjiwarongo. 
Uaraeua started her primary schooling in Otjiwarongo where she did her Sub-A and Sub-B (grade one and two) before moving to the Waterberg (Ongombe Ombonde) Primary School for the remainder of her primary schooling. 

Apart from being a top-notch A-class learner, the calculated well-spoken young lass was equally at home in extramural activities, excelling in the netball discipline. She was to form the spine of the Okakarara Secondary School netball first team in 1984.
Amongst her celebrated teammates in the formidable school netball team were Alma Tjamburo, Hilde Zaako, Emencia Virore, Adelheid Kazekondjo, Auguste Mbongaura and Venontia Mogotsu, under the tutorship of madam Graham.
Uaraeua went on to represent the school team with flying colours in the fiercely contested regional schools tournaments. The team was regarded amongst the most difficult opponents in the hotly contested inter high schools competitions.
Upon completion of her final school year, the netball crazy student enrolled at the revered Windhoek College of Education (Teachers Academy) to pursue her academic aspirations. 

Uaraeua’s close allies described the deceased as a genuine human being, whose characteristics were built on strong principles – an unselfish person who dedicated her entire life to the welfare of others.
She was a fantastic loving soul, who always put the interest of young children on top of her daily priorities and would usually go out of her way to improve the playing ability of young netballers. 

“Uaraeua had contributed a lot to the overall development of many netballers at youth level since she started teaching at various primary schools during her blossoming teaching career,” says a teary fellow schoolteacher Lorna Tuaandi  
“She (Uaraeua) literally lived for the game of netball and continued to rattle the hoops, juggling between school books and the ladies game until her final year at the college,” narrates an emotional Tuaandi with a lump in her throat.  
The rock-steady defender had always represented the Tisan team with distinction in the Inter Tertiary Games but never had the opportunity to represent her native land at international level.    

Like many other Ovaherero young women reaching maturity age, Uaraeua was obliged to observe “unwritten cultural protocols” and quit playing competitive netball after tying the knot with her longtime beau Karijeja Hindjou. 
Nonetheless, the netball-crazy defender was not entirely to be lost to the game as she was determined to plough back the experience gained throughout the years. She was tasked to take aspiring young netballers through the ropes during her maiden year as a practising tutor at Okondjatu Combined School. 

Her next stop was Berthold Himumuine Primary School in Katutura, in the city of bright lights Windhoek. The school was named after the late militant political activist Bertholdt Kangavi Himumuine. 
The latter is said to be the authentic author of the petition letter drafted to the United Nations (UN) under the stewardship of the late Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero tribe, Hosea Katjikururume Kutako. 
Himumuine was the first local Bantu principal at St Barnabas School (Joveripate) in Windhoek’s old location. The immaculately dressed academic was founder member of the now defunct Juvenile Football Club, precursor to Katutura glamour football club African Stars. A bird of passage, Uaraeua resigned from her teaching post at Bertholdt Himumuine Primary in search of greener pastures, only to find refuge at the modern Gammams Primary School holed up in Khomasdal. 

She was welcomed with open arms and immediately given the function of taking young netballers under her wing as an astute coach. Her eternal trusted childhood buddy, longtime classmate and fellow schoolteacher Eva Tjaveondja, could not heap enough praise on her departed trusted companion.
She strongly believes the country has not only lost an exceptional peace-loving human being, mother, wife and experienced tutor but a complete unifier.

“I’ve known her (Uaraeua) since our school days – she was such a dedicated person who excelled in almost everything she laid her golden hands on. We were like twin sisters and shared a lot in common. 
“My beloved departed colleague loved the game of netball so much that she would spend long hours on the practice courts trying to fine-tune the playing skills of aspiring netballers.  “Additionally, her undying love and affection towards young children drove her to greater heights to the extent that a significant chunk of her protégés went on to become formidable netball players with their respective clubs.” 
As fate would dictate, the adorable tutor and dedicated youth netball mentor was recently appointed as Head of Department (HoD) at the Gammams Primary School, a position she stood to assume two days before she was to be reunited with her ancestors. 
She leaves behind her spouse Kanajeja Hindjou and only child, a son Tjipenandjambi, 28. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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