• July 18th, 2019
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Truant learners prefer shebeens to school

Loide Jason Onkaankaa-The principal of Onkaankaa primary school, in Otamanzi constituency in the Omusati Region, has resorted to hiring a group of people to collect children from houses and take them to school for lessons. Teachers told New Era early this week that Joel Nakanyala, who has been collecting children from their houses for the past few years, decided to enlist a group of young men to bring truant learners to school. They said that if the principal did not go to the villages and collect the children, teachers would not have any lessons to offer because the school was empty as truant learners were still at their villages. “Parents here prefer going with their children to shebeens than sending them to school. Therefore, our principal is very committed and is always colleting them. And luckily the parents will not say anything when he pitches up to collect them,” they said. Nakanyala confirmed this to New Era, and said he reached an agreement with the people to help him bring learners to school, but that they did so on a voluntary basis. “Yes it is true, but take note I am not paying these guys anything; they are just doing me a favour to make sure that these children’s futures are shaped,” he explained. He said it was very sad to see a seven-year-old child roaming around shebeens with his/her parents while others were at school. “Your heart bleeds when you are a teacher. Therefore, I sacrifice to drive around and pick them up from the shebeens and provide education,” he continued. Only 44 learners enrolled at the school this year, which Nakanyala described as a poor enrolment.  There are four teachers including the principal, a general worker and the kindergarten teacher. The school also offers meals cooked by parents.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-12 09:26:30 1 years ago

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