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Two new books to read

2021-12-03  Aletta Shikololo

Two new books to read
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Foibe Paavo is currently celebrating the release of two new books which give emphasis on success, failure, love and friendship.

Foibe has an unmatched passion for writing, and recently published ‘Beauty in Imperfections’ and ‘Between the Worlds’.

‘Beauty in Imperfections’ is a motivational book, slating out experiences, statements and solutions to deal with and help overcome adversities in different fields of life, like education and career.

‘Between the Worlds’ is a romantic fiction novel about two lovers who found a home in each other; a mixture of African and European tastes.

“This book encourages genuine friendship and love regardless of race, gender or culture. All characters, events and places are a result of my imagination,” she said.

“I never knew this day would ever come. I have been watching them [others] publish their books or step into the supernatural power to fulfil their dreams.”

Foibe used to carry a big notebook since grade 8, to remind herself of where she came from, and her passion was fuelled when she went to university, where she majored in English. 

Since then, her journey has been about improving her writing skills. She wrote newspaper articles that mostly featured on youth matters, and has also written for magazines and blogged for websites.

“I have published books on Wattpad and only a few people who are close to me would enjoy the benefits of my broad imagination.” 

As someone who strongly believes in the power of written words, Foibe said literature is important to young Namibians because it provides them with an endless stream of knowledge, and also teaches them what is happening in the world at large.

She is aspiring to become a full-time writer and promises to keep everyone’s eyes on her novels.


2021-12-03  Aletta Shikololo

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