• September 23rd, 2020

Umwe Africa to showcase Namibian documentary

Umwe Africa, a social enterprise focusing on producing African news for youth and solely on social media is going to embark on a project of documenting Namibia’s Covid-19 through filmmaking.
Embarking on this project, to air on DSTV on 28 August, each episode will bring viewers closer to what is being experienced on the African continent. Over 20 students from 17 countries around the world are involved in this project and Namibia earned its place to share Namibian experiences.

Founders Jörg Walter and Bryan Nakambonde said Umwe is dedicated to engaging African youth with matters that are shaping the future. “We do this by breaking down African headlines, using language and content that appeals to youth on social media,” they said.
They always wanted to help prepare youth for a prosperous and well-governed Africa. They identified informing youth and critically engaging them in current affairs as the best way to do so.

“These insightful episodes will look at how Covid-19 has taken the African continent by storm, lockdown, law enforcement, police brutality, GBV, housing and food security and the general impact it has had in various communities. In its third episode, the series will take a closer look into the healthcare system and lastly how this pandemic has taken a toll on the education system,” detailed Walter.
”With the constant increase in cases, Namibia is no exception to this pandemic. 
“Namibia increases its positive cases daily. Umwe Africa found the need to document these stories and help curb the cases through educational television series,” further explained Walter.

The 30-minute documentary does not only focus on Namibia but also shares stories from Nigeria, Egypt, Uganda and Kenya. With only a few episodes released to start the real-life awareness, Umwe intends to produce more episodes through the help from sponsors. 
“We, therefore, call on corporates to come on board and help finance more episodes that can change the perception of many and call on more Namibians and the rest of the world, to become more responsible, through their behaviour.”
“We are determined to get five million youths to watch these episodes. We believe this is a golden opportunity to work with broadcasters from all over and sponsors who believe in the power of knowledge and youth,” said Walter.
– psiririka@nepc.com.na

Paheja Siririka
2020-08-21 12:57:33 | 1 months ago


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