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Uncommon sense - Imperfectly perfect

2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

Uncommon sense - Imperfectly perfect
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Nowadays we are constantly exposed to motivational videos and quotes from all over the place. All this information is aimed at everyone indiscriminately. There is no consideration of natural difference and individual weaknesses. It even got to the point that one would feel inadequate if they are not measuring up to those standards.

There is also an obvious tendency that when one lives a certain way or has achieved their “life dream”, it should be taken as the universal way of living. One feels entitled and use it as a benchmark to assess the success of others.

All these are done without an understanding that each person should live according to their own aspirations without any influence. To live a life and experience it in line with their gifts and talents. To also be who they are as their natural instincts, intuition and inclination dictated.
It is sad to see that the sadness and anguish that some people get to live with are a result of this one-size-fits-all system. A system where no one is rated based on their gifts and talents. The rate card is more based on comparison with others. Unfortunately, this also becomes the root cause of the stress, depression, and constant anxiety that one must live with all their life.

The worst part is that, in the present time, no one can really be blamed for this. It is not even the fault of those that seem to be the biggest proponents of the systems as they too were intellectually tricked into believing and defending it. Until one lucky person happens to accidentally have a realization that everything, they were sold is an illusion, it would be easy to continue and live in a well-constructed fallacy.

By now, it should be puzzling as to why everyone has to be rated or judged using a standard test. It should also be interesting to question why one should even take the time to dive into or study things they are not interested and yet be rated against those who may be passionate about, for example, a certain trade or skills.

It is the very same comparison and rating system that kills what it claims to bring about. In comparison to others, it happens that at the subconscious level, one is indirectly programmed to feel bad about themselves. They start to see themselves as not good enough and eventually all these traumatic events destroy the natural make of that individual. It results in self-sabotage, low self-esteem and sometimes even into terminal depression and anxiety.

The comparison is not an accident though, but it is an in-built feature of the system aimed to tame humans to fit well into the ultimate desired outcome. It is aimed to create an endless search for perfection and approval and for as long as this remains a need, humans will live in a constant state of inadequacy. A state that robs humanity its basic right to live authentically and to reap the fruits of their life experience in accordance with nature. A reality where one should live as an expression of divine consciousness, for which everything should gradually into what it was naturally supposed to be. To be Imperfectly perfect.

By Karlos TheGreat
OSHIMWENYO is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-01-29  Staff Reporter

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