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Unemployed triplets’ mother requests help

2020-07-28  John Muyamba

Unemployed triplets’ mother requests help
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RUNDU – An unemployed 30-year-old Sinyemba Muro Mukoso from Shamavinyo village in Mukwe constituency in Kavango East has pleaded with good Samaritans to assist with nappies, baby powder, soap, lotion and blankets among other essentials for her newly-born triplets.
Two of the newborns are boys and one is a girl. 
“They were born on 18 July, two of them boys and a girl, one boy weighing 1.5kg while the other boy is 1.8kg,” said the hospital’s customer care official, Lebbeus Musongo.

“I am unemployed and I’m not with the father of my kids who lives in Windhoek with another woman as we do not live together,” Mukoso said.
The babies are being kept in incubators. “They are being kept in the incubators for warmth; they were born premature at seven months,” Musongo said.
The good-hearted willing to assist her can do so through her FNB savings account 62270095196, Windhoek branch or can visit her at the paediatric ward of the Rundu intermediate hospital.

2020-07-28  John Muyamba

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