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Top Trending - Unfazed people attempt crate challenge

2021-08-27  Paheja Siririka

Top Trending - Unfazed people attempt crate challenge

Paheja Siririka

Do you remember the ice bucket challenge, boiled water bucket challenge, the cinnamon powder-eating challenge, the choking game or the salt and ice challenge? Well, the latest trend, and rather unnecessary like the rest, is the milk crate climbing challenge that has become popular to many people on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter.

Like the others, this challenge also causes injuries but people still take part, unfazed and unbothered by the repercussions and consequences of going to hospital.

In this challenge, plastic crates are stacked on top of each other in an ascending, then a descending staircase style or a pyramid-stack shape.

The idea is to walk up to the highest stack of the crates, which is seven crates, and then down the other side without falling. 

What makes it challenging is that the higher the stack goes, the more unstable it becomes, especially since it is stacked on grass, making it hard for a person to keep their balance. 

Many people can be seen trembling, either out of fear of falling or the fear of heights. 

Numerous people have fallen onto the hard plastic crates, causing cuts and scratches on the body. Others, however, have managed to do it – one woman did so in heels, while a man was seen rolling something to smoke as he skilfully walked up and then down the crates. Clips of this challenge are increasing daily, as more people try it out and then upload the recordings onto social media sites, raking it thousands of likes and shares. And of course, the ones tumbling down the crates is what make the clips so funny or rather rib-cracking funny – no pun intended.

This is what some social media users had to say about the challenge: 

“The crates will make a man out of you in 2021”

“Healthcare professionals now gotta deal with Covid patients and milk crate challenge patients”

“People doing this like they have the best health insurance...”

And because many of the videos are from the Black community, people had thoughts on the intent of the milk crate challenge: 

“The CIA dropped them milk crates off in the hood.”

2021-08-27  Paheja Siririka

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