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Unsung heroines should be celebrated – //Hoebes

2019-08-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

Unsung heroines should be celebrated – //Hoebes

WINDHOEK – Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Christine //Hoebes has said that for far too long women grew up with the perception that men do not support and or recognize their efforts.

In this regard she believes in striving to shine light on the unsung heroines: women who have demonstrated over time that they can make a huge difference, be it in the smallest way, but also in very significant ways, in their lives, work, leadership, diplomacy, politics, the emancipation of women, fighting for gender equality or any other area of their life.

//Hoebes was speaking at the Confident Woman Awards which was held at the Nampower Convention Centre on Friday.

//Hoebes feels that women don’t make newspaper headlines, such as those whowork tirelessly to uplift and develop their communities and the country through their various roles from street vendors to teachers, doctors, engineers but they continue to play an important role in national, continental development programmes. A representation of women in such activities must thus be promoted to increase effective contributions.

‘’This awards come at a time when instilling confidence in women is key, given the spate of incidences of domestic violence that plagues our nation. Occurrences of this nature have the potential to demoralise, disrupt growth, and break down the confidence of women. For most women, the issue of confidence is something that is rarely confronted, yet it plays a major role in the level of success that is achieved by women’’ she said.

She felt that the ceremony was an incredible initiative that plays a key part to instil confidence in women where it is lost, and also inspires other women to follow suit, and make strides to make a
difference in their lives and the lives of others.

She further encouraged women to continue working hard for the betterment of society, the country and themselves.

“All of you nominated must continue to demonstrate confidence, a positive state of mind that guides your steps and actions. The confident woman never places herself above someone, and she never places anyone above herself. She knows her value and she owns it,” //Hoebes said.

2019-08-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

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