• August 10th, 2020

unWrap - Michelle McLean determined to promote Namibia’s tourism industry

Ivona Frans

The former Miss Namibia and Miss Universe Michelle McLean shared the importance of
investing in the country’s tourism industry in a live interview with Miss Namibia Nadja
Breytenbach on Instagram recently.

Emphasising on the package that comes with Miss Namibia beauty pageant, McLean said Miss
Namibia is not about becoming famous and making money out of it but creating an opportunity to
create your business, promote your brand and inspire so many women out there.

Owning a pageant coaching company, life coaching company, Africa’s Finest Safaris
representing lodges and Namibia as a beautiful tourist destination in Africa, to mention but a few,
she said what keeps her motivated is knowing that not everything will be a success others will fail
but the only thing about the success you must be able to stand up again and go.
She expressed that her businesses along and her heart breeds for the businesses and tourism as
well as everyone suffering during this time in Namibia, stating that whatever happens, we are
resilient as Namibians and we have to support each other especially the tourism industry, which is
probably 60% or more of our country’s GDP and giving support to all companies that support
tourism, such as lodges, tour operators and the hospitality industry, as it is really important for
our country.

“But this too shall pass; it won’t be the same again.” She indicated.
“Looking at the possibilities for Namibia, I am very excited about the future, starting to work
together with the tourism board and Namibia's ambassador to America and we're gonna make
sure that we promote Namibia to its full capacity of tourism when the pandemic lifts,” said

She further explained her journey as a titleholder back then that she spent her life being a
goodwill ambassador for Namibia.

Miss Namibia added that with the title comes responsibilities, even though she is unable to go
out there to do charity work and other exciting things she could have done, she said she is trying
to see everything positively, as there is always something positive to take out of something
Photos: Instagram

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2020-04-28 11:50:01 | 3 months ago

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