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unWrap - Ponti, the master of soundtracks

2020-07-21  Staff Reporter

unWrap - Ponti, the master of soundtracks
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Emillie Shimbali

Namibian music producer Ponti Dikuua is the creative that can piece together vocals, feelings and elements of culture simply by using voices, rhythms and sound. Having worked on his latest soundtrack for the soon to be released movie Kapana, Ponti says he would not choose to have it any other way in life. According to the creative, who has worked on four Namibian films thus far, the ability to tell a story with music has been his passion and working for film production defines it. 

“Producing soundtracks for films is challenging, but so much fun. It is a new way for me to express my creativity – and since my first film, I have learnt a great deal. Each film is unique and required a different touch, so I can’t really pinpoint a favourite. I loved working on every one of them,” he says.

Kapana is a positive Namibian love story about two lives with almost nothing in common, two secrets and one place, however, can love to conquer all? Ponti who created the musical compositions of the film with Michael Pulse says the music helps bring all the elements together perfectly. “The music for ‘Kapana’ covers a whole range of different genres. You can expect a diverse, creative mixture of songs that will make you want to dance, cry, love and reminisce,” he said. The composer, who has worked on films, including ‘The White Line’, ‘Kukuri’ and ‘Salute!’, says he loves working on films, as there are fewer restrictions, compared to working with creatives. 
“In films, I have more freedom to be creative. Individual artists usually come to the studio with a set idea. However, within the artist’s vision for their song, I still do try to add my touch,” he says.

2020-07-21  Staff Reporter

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