• July 14th, 2020

unWrap - Sally, Leather Mein’s much ado about nothing wedding

Johannes Orr

An uncharacteristic wedding that raised the vibe on social media between musicians Sally Boss Madam and Leather Mein is in an actual sense much ado about nothing.
The two were working on a yet to be released project that attracted the whole Namibian celebrity family to the mock wedding which ironically sent a buzz on social media on whether the two tied the knot or not.

In an unapologetic tone, Sally told unwrap.online that people must mind their business and she has nothing to explain to anyone.
 “The pictures are self-explanatory. Should I really be answering people continually? I thought people do not care about Namibian celebrities so now what has changed,” she questioned.

Despite Sally being dismissive, unwrap.online is reliably informed that the talk of town pictures are nothing close to a real wedding between the two superstars and that the imagination one is not by chance but a figment of reality.
“If it’s a song will it make everyone feel better? People should wait and see what it is. If it’s a music video it will obviously come out,” she said.
In flamboyant pictures of the mock wedding, Sally had Pombili Shilongo, as the maid of honour while Leather Mein’s best man was award-winning artist King Tee Dee.

“I had a blessed weekend, the ceremony was beautiful and very small,” she said. 
For all, it is worth the photo teasers for the forthcoming video had all in terms of glitz and glamour with a four-tier cake and the bride looking gorgeous in her mermaid wedding dress while the groom dressed in a white tux.  
“It’s obvious what is happening in the picture and I said that on Facebook,” said Sally. Fans might have to wait a bit longer to see whether the wedding that was never between Sally and Leather Mein will bear fruit in terms of entertainment value or will go down as perfect creativity and marketing that hyped enough and gave little in reality. Approached for comment Leather Mein shied away deciding not to give anything away aside from the speculation. 

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2020-06-02 09:26:39 | 1 months ago

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