• September 25th, 2020

Upcoming artist believes the sky is the limit

Steven Klukowski

KEETMANSHOOP – Ma/Gaisa artist Herold Haeseb (also known as #Nisa Bonny) is working on his second album after releasing a highly successful debut titled Sa-Uiba.

Born and raised in Outjo this gemology student concentrates on inspiring the youth with his songs, urging them to get educated and live life to the fullest. He says that he grew up in a poor household, making music his only source of income while also supporting his siblings. 
 “My music is traditionally called Ma/gaisa and I sold more than 150 copies of my first album last year,” said Haeseb.

He added that he would soon receive royalties from Nascam and YouTube for airing his songs. 
“My plea to the children out there is to abstain from using harmful substances, focus on their studies and not become victims of peer pressure, making them model citizens at the end,” the solo artist emphasised.

He will release his new album featuring 2019 Namas nominee O.com next year May, once finished with his studies. “This time around the album will speak about my tradition called Hai //gom and my living years in Outjo,” he said. 

Haeseb’s 15-track album will be produced under Amabenza Music Productions. Also, he has performed with well-known artists like Kalex, Tate Buti and Gazza whilst (late) King Phura serves as his inspiration. 
He encouraged the general public to watch his music video on YouTube and visit his Facebook profile.

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2019-09-23 07:45:19 | 1 years ago

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