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Vaccination support for Lady Pohamba clinic

2021-06-29  Staff Reporter

Vaccination support for Lady Pohamba clinic
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Namibia’s Covid-19 vaccination programme, just like that of any other country in the world, aims to prevent serious illness and deaths. However, the pandemic is having a devastating impact as daily Covid-19 positive figures put a heavy strain on the healthcare system across the country. In solidarity with government in fighting the pandemic, Nedbank Namibia donated N$100 000 to the vaccination clinic at Lady Pohamba Private Hospital (LPPH) towards Covid-19 relief.

“As we work to support the government during this devastating pandemic, we are grateful to corporate partners like Nedbank for standing alongside us. Together, we will work to increase access to critical life-saving medical care,” said Paddy Murphy, CEO of LPPH.

He said the health ministry will deliver and supply vaccines daily to the clinic. The hospital manager assured that each person is under observation for 15 minutes after the vaccination, to ensure that the health of patients is not compromised. This added staff responsibility of maintaining the standards and protocols at the clinic is placing significant strain on the normal operations of the hospital. LPPH has now diverted its complete corporate social responsibility and marketing budgets to cover the monthly operational costs of the clinic—over N$358 000—in order to make it a success. At this point, the hospital only has sufficient funds available to cover the costs of the clinic for the next six weeks. 

Murphy further explained that the LPPH has formed a Non-Profit Section 21 Company specifically for the project. They now need financial support and are requesting the business community and citizens to contribute to enabling them to deliver effective services. This is based on the likelihood that the vaccination centre will be needed for at least another 18 months, he added.

Those wishing to support the operational costs of the clinic can donate via the PayToday App. It’s as easy as sending a Whatsapp message, explained Chris Botha, CEO of the local Fintech company. “Download the PayToday App, select Lady Pohamba Vaccination Centre, select the amount you wish to donate and click PAY.” 

Via their IDToday platform, Botha and his team have also assisted LPPH to develop an online booking system for the Covid-19 vaccinations, enabling a more streamlined administering process.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Nedbank Namibia has contributed significantly in order to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown by providing generous financial contributions to projects through its corporate social responsibility initiatives. 

N$1.3 million was set aside for the National Disaster Fund and another N$1 million for conservancies amid the tourism recession. To assist individuals and businesses during the lockdown in 2020, Nedbank extended credit to account holders in the amount of N$7.6 billion, with individuals receiving 58% of the credit. Support, further included contributions towards public health, youth, financial literacy, poverty alleviation, as well as the bank’s staff volunteers programme, set to do good in vulnerable communities. The bank also committed an initial N$7.5 million to personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, including those working from home, as well as transport, cleaning and sanitising costs.

Martha Murorua, Nedbank’s Managing Director said, “Getting immunised is important for at least two reasons: to protect yourself and to protect those around you. Given the present situation of our country, it is important that we must help our communities, particularly in light of the impact of the epidemic on those with minimal resources.” 

2021-06-29  Staff Reporter

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