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Vandals damage, pillage state property

2018-10-09  Matheus Hamutenya

Vandals damage, pillage state property

AUSSENKEHR - Swapo Party //Kharas regional coordinator Matheus Mumbala is furious at the //Kharas regional administrators for letting government projects  be vandalised and he wants the culprits to be charged, held personally liable and pay for the damages.

Visiting the Aussenkehr township area, where government is believed to have injected N$250 million over the past years towards demarcation of erven, water pipelines, a water treatment plant, sewerage works and an electricity system, Mumbala expressed shock at the sorry state the electricity boxes, poles and the two model houses are in, and demanded that action be taken against those responsible for this neglect of government projects.

“Really, someone should be responsible, someone should be charged, the administrators of the regional council, starting with the CRO, and chief control officers, they must all be charged for allowing that vandalism, and if there was a security company, it should also be charged, they must pay that money back,” he charged.

Mumbala said it is disheartening that while government is trying its best to uplift the lives of people, especially at Aussenkehr farm where housing and access to electricity remain a huge problem, those responsible for ensuring that these capital projects are completed and remain in good condition are sleeping on duty.

He also pointed out the Warmbad hot springs as another example where officials entrusted to keep the property in good condition have failed miserably, and that it is now time to take action against such people as government cannot continue to invest and reinvest in the same projects just because officials are not doing their jobs properly.

“This is the same at Warmbad – if you go to the hot springs, into which government injected N$3.5 million, it is also vandalised, it has become a shebeen. Where are the regional council officials? Why are they not taking care of these properties? This is time someone be charged and someone must pay this money back,” he said.

He further stated that it cannot be right that the //Kharas regional management is busy with petty office issues, while they do not pay attention to the government capital projects and their mandate of delivering services to  //Kharas inhabitants.

“The administration is just there fighting for who should be appointed as CRO or director while ignoring the infrastructure – really they are incapable, look at the electricity boxes, all copper wires are gone, they need total replacement, all the tiles are gone, and these things are expensive, all the money spent went in the water,” he fumed.

Mumbala called on the regional council to hold its administrators accountable, saying should the council fail to do so, he will ensure that the minister of urban and rural development visits these areas so that he can see what the regional council is doing with the money that it receives from the government.

2018-10-09  Matheus Hamutenya

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