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Veterans urged to document struggle history

2020-11-02  Staff Reporter

Veterans urged to document struggle history

Josephina Mwashindange

ETOSHA – Deputy Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs Hilma Nicanor has called on veterans of the liberation struggle to write their history, adding this will help in documenting the story of the past.

 According to Nicanor, documenting the past will teach future generations about the history of the country. 
“As a ministry, we feel that it is going to be good for individuals to record what they can remember when it comes to the liberation struggle, stories of each individuals are necessary to form part of the liberation struggle history. Please get someone to write for you and for those who can write, write and forward those liberation struggle stories,” Nicanor appealed during a two-day tour visit to the Etosha National Park with the veterans last week. 

During the visit, organised by the Namibian National Liberation Veteran Association (NNLVA), the veterans got the chance to present their concerns to the minister, especially on issues pertaining to the veterans’ projects. 
They stated some projects take long to be approved and financed, making it difficult for them to be productive, as they are left doing nothing. The veterans demanded government pay them hard cash instead of channelling funds through suppliers. 

The deputy minister said that the project programme was currently a challenge due to a large number of veterans on the waiting list who have pending payments. Despite the economic hardship, Nicanor assured veterans the government is aware of their challenges and is committed as per the ministry’s mandate to assist and reach a consensus to their problems. 
She also added the ministry has the health of the veterans at heart. She noted that as a matter of concern, the ministry understands that some of the veterans are ageing and might not be the lucky ones to benefit from the programme. 

“Therefore, the ministry is working around the clock to make sure that it has the best strategy in place, to revisit the allocation and approval of projects that shall help in fast tracking the rolling out of projects to the veterans,” said Nicanor. According to Job Immanuel, the NNLVA coordinator in Oshikoto region, the tour was necessitated by the fact that there is a need in the region to bring together all veterans to improve their living standards.  “The veterans do not feel appreciated on what they have done for this country. It was against this background that the association decided to help the veterans and take a refresher and memorable tour to Etosha National Park for their own good,” said Immanuel. 
The veterans welcomed the gesture from their association and thanked the deputy minister for some of the information shared pertaining to their issues. 

“This tour was a good thing. We feel very good that we also got a chance to meet with some of our comrades since we came in the country. What mostly makes us happy was our minister, who spent most of her precious time with us and share valuable information, we were lucky to have heard from the horse’s mouth,” said one of the veterans, Ester Gwashamba Nepando.

2020-11-02  Staff Reporter

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