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Visually impaired feel sidelined

2018-10-23  Obrien Simasiku

Visually impaired feel sidelined
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OMUTHIYA -The director of Namibia Federation for Visually Impaired Moses Nghipandulwa is concerned that little effort has been made to assist and address the needs and aspirations of those living with hearing-impairment disabilities.
He noted that the visually impaired community receives little attention as opposed to how other disabled people are being assisted, hence they feel very sidelined. 

Governor of Oshikoto Henock Kankoshi concurred with him and urged fellow leaders to put the interests of people living with disabilities at heart and to render them assistance whenever such a need arises. 

“Lets come together as society and assist everyone in a fairly manner, it is very rare for one to hear for instance that a councillor has facilitated and sourced resources meant to benefit visually impaired. But every time we hear about how many wheelchairs have been procured to benefit one category. Therefore, let’s unite and assist everyone equally and by so doing we root out inequality and discrimination,” stressed Nghipandulwa during the commemoration of the International White Cane Day held in Omuthiya.

International White Cane Day takes place each October 15, and the day is observed worldwide to recognise the movement of blind people from dependency to full participation in society. It was held under the theme “Lend me your sight, I have my mind.”

In addition, Nghipandulwa said lack of awareness among the public was another cause for neglecting the needs of the visually impaired, hence he suggested early childhood education on the disabled to be incorporated in schools as a topic or subject on its own.

“There are instance whereby some kids runaway if they see a virtually impaired person walking with a white cane, thus early education will shape and shift their mentality in a positive manner where they will learn to assist than runaway,” he stated.
On the other hand, Kankoshi, appealed to motorists to always be cautious whenever they notice a person walking using a cane and give right of way. 

The Chairperson of the National Youth Service Mandela Kapere and the Deputy Minister of Finance, Natangwe Ithete attended.

 “I don’t want to believe that there are people living with disability in our country, rather they are able in different ways,” stressed Ithete.

2018-10-23  Obrien Simasiku

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