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VW’s new Amarok ready to rule the roost

2022-12-08  Staff Reporter

VW’s new Amarok ready to rule the roost

Volkswagen’s new Amarok is all set for launch and will be introduced to most global markets in 2023. A ‘can do’ pick up, a multi-tool on wheels - meticulously thought out from cab to cargo box. Propelled by powerful and efficient turbocharged engines and two different all-wheel drive systems. Depending on specification, this vehicle incorporates more than 25 assistance systems, display units with up to 12.3-inch screens, a practical mix of digital and analogue controls and high-quality materials that provide for clear advances on board compared to its predecessor. 

Thanks to a payload of up to 1.19 tonnes, 3.5 tonnes towing capacity and an even better thought-out cargo box, the new Amarok masters every conceivable work and leisure time task. With its new drive, assist and control systems, the typical robustness of a pick-up and its very flexibly usable cargo box, the charismatically designed second generation Amarok is ideal as an ultra-modern multi-tool for professionals.

The new Amarok has been designed by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to go wherever it needs to go. In Europe and many other parts of the world it therefore comes as standard with all-wheel rather than pure rear-wheel drive. Up to five efficient four and six-cylinder turbo engines deliver the drive system power required for work and non-work tasks. The new Amarok is in addition being offered in five equipment versions. They are the ‘Amarok’, ‘Life’ and ‘Style’ lines, plus the top versions ‘PanAmericana’ (off-road styling) and ‘Aventura’ (exclusive styling). The new Amarok has been designed as a four-door pick-up with a double cab {DoubleCab) and - for markets outside Europe - as a two-door version with a single cab (SingleCab).

At 5,350 millimetres, the new Amarok is 96 mm longer than its predecessor. A wheelbase of 3,270 mm represents an increase of 173 mm. That provides more room in the double cab. The wheelbase has become disproportionately longer - reducing the body overhangs. That results in crisper proportions and improved off-road capability, as the Amarok DoubleCab’s ramp angles have been enhanced, being now up to 30 degrees at the front and 26 degrees at the back.

Dependent on the market, the engines being used for the new generation Amarok112 are up to four turbo diesel engines (TOI with four or six cylinders) and a turbocharged petrol engine (TSI with four cylinders). Qualities common to all five engines are efficiency and high levels of torque. On, for example, African markets the base engine specification is being offered: a TOI delivering 110 kW (150 PS)

1. In terms of power output the next engine for many markets of the world, thus also including Europe, is a 2.0-litre four-cylinder TOI delivering 125 kW (170 PS)2. 

At the third TOI power output level Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles is offering a four-cylinder engine with bi-turbocharger, which in Europe develops 151 kW (205 PS)2. 

Available as the new top TOI will be a V6 engine that, in the version meeting the Euro-6 emissions standard, delivers 177 kW (240 PS)2. In countries such as Australia, New Zealand and South Africa the two more powerful TOI engines even reach a power output of 155 kW (210 PS)/ 184 kW (250 PS)1. For markets where petrol engines are dominant in the pick-up sector there is a four-cylinder TSI delivering 222 kW (302 PS)1. 

With its practical controls and digital screens, the interior has been configured by the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles design team in a very functional and high-quality way. The look and feel of the materials resemble those of premium SUVs like the Volkswagen Touareg. The instrument panel’s layout is clear, well structured, and ergonomically tailored to the driver. 

Even on the base version, the displays consist of the 8.0-inch Digital Cockpit (on the Style and above fully digital and 12.3-inch) and the portrait format touchscreen of the infotainment system (10.1-inch, Style and above 12.0-inch).

 It is also the case that Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has achieved in the new Amarok an intuitively usable mix of digital functions and ergonomically designed buttons and rotary switches. The speaker volume of the infotainment system, for example, is adjusted via a rotary switch. 

The functions of the all wheel drive, the primary functions for parking, the air conditioning, the assist systems and the driving modes are controlled via buttons. Depending on equipment line, these robust switches have chrome look rims.

Incorporated into this scene of high-quality details are further features such as the 640- watt Harman Kardon sound system, included as standard for the Amarok PanAmericana and Amarok Aventura. Likewise included as standard in the Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura: a high-quality leather-look instrument panel with elegant contrast stitching. The vehicle’s premium positioning is matched by the seating: the Amarok’s driver and front-seat passenger sit on ergonomically designed seats, which in the higher specifications can be electrically adjusted into up to 10 positions. The rear of the DoubleCab also offers plenty of space and comfort for three adult passengers. The central seat panels of the Style version are covered in ‘ArtVelours’ micro fleece as standard, while Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles uses leather trim that is both elegant and hard wearing in the Amarok PanAmericana and Aventura. 

2022-12-08  Staff Reporter

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