• June 17th, 2019
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Wage Order for Domestic Workers: What you need to know

Who is a domestic worker? A domestic worker is a person engaged in domestic work in an employment relationship, including a child-minder, cook, driver, gardener or housekeeper, conducting such work in and for a private household. A person must not employ a child under the age of 18 years as a domestic worker. As per regulations relating to domestic workers: Labour Act, 2007 and for purpose of section 130 of the Labour Act, all employers of domestic workers are expected to submit their annual records and returns this Thursday, November 30 and by November 30 every year to the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation. Why the annual records and returns? The records and returns will enhance the ministry’s efforts in maintaining access with domestic workers and their employers for education and enforcement purposes. The prescribed forms for records and returns are available at all ministry offices countrywide and they are also downloadable from the ministry’s website www.mol.gov.na. The records and returns may be submitted by email at Domestic.Workers@mol.gov.na or hand delivered at any of the ministry’s offices. From time to time, the ministry’s officials will also be at pre-announced public places collecting records and returns. (Please be on a lookout for such announcements). What is the Domestic Workers’ Wage Order all about? The wage order for setting minimum wage and supplemental minimum conditions of employment for domestic workers: Labour Act, 2007 as recently reviewed, is a legal document that sets new remuneration rates and conditions of employment for domestic workers. The new rates and conditions are effective October 1, 2017. What are the new remuneration rates for domestic workers? With effect from October 1, 2017 the minimum wage for domestic workers, to whom this order applies, is: (a) N$1,502.05 per month; (b) N$346.89 per week; (c) N$69.37 per day; (d) N$8.67 per hour; and (e) N$43.35 per day for part-time domestic workers who work five hours or less in any day other than a Sunday or public holiday. How will the ministry ensure that new remuneration rates and conditions of employment are complied with? The ministry will utilize methods such as house visits for inspection, telephonic interviews and records verification to ensure that the employers of domestic workers are in compliance with the wage order and render further education as might be required. The ministry conducts pre-announced information meetings, media campaigns and information materials distribution to ensure that the public is aware of the wage order. Any query may be forwarded to Domestic.Workers@mol.gov.na, SMS line 66111, tel: 061 20669111, or fax: 061 212323.
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