• April 25th, 2019
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WAKAMBI fuse rock ‘n rap


Donna Collins The merging of musical influences is front and centre when WAKAMBI steps onto the stage, especially when original band members Ishaaq Martin and Lorenzo Beukes deliver their distinct lyrics and vocal style in a blend of rock and rap culture. The Walvis Bay based boy-band for want of a better description, are a unique blend of home grown cross-over style. And for all of you who haven’t hear their latest EP #BDC, with the finger clicking title track “Lekker by die See. Apart from Ishaaq’s amazing stand out ‘Afro’ that makes him look like a young Michael Jackson, his mix of old Motown vibe with a sprinkling of soul and R&B on the top, which is most appealing to the ear. With music in his veins after playing piano since he was three-years old which his grandma taught him, he later picked up his guitar to rekindle his love for music. He does most of the composing of original songs for the band, and is his own person. He’s the band’s guitarist and singing vocalist, and is complementary contrast to the mostly Afrikaans rap vocalist Lorenzo who also co-writes the lyrics and shares the limelight whilst switching it up throughout their songs. Born and bred in Rehoboth Lorenzo’s influences are rapper Nashir Jones and 60’s poet Gill Scott Heron, and has read up on a lot of Pan African literature from the likes of Steve Biko. Lorenzo who has, and still persues a solo musical path outside of his band life with WAKAMBI as a full time musician, actually wanted to become a professional football player until he discovered that he had a way with words. The guys started WAKAMBI in 2014 gigging as a duo, then brought in bass guitarist Tyron Roetz whose solid rock influences from bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, filled in the necessary oomph, even though he started out as a rhythm guitarist. The latest addition to WAKAMBI is their drummer Nelson Kolofu, who tells you straight out that reggae is where his heart lies, and has fitted in like a duck to water. He has already performed a live gig with the band recently, and is ready to beat those skins and keep the momentum going. Right now WAKAMBI are focussing on bringing out a new single with a video, and are looking for more platforms to perform their live shows. They are no strangers to the festival scene, having played at the Take Note and Sound for Sight music festivals as well as NAMROCK, where they were crowned best new rock band in 2017. Catch WAKAMBI on all social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, Sound Cloud and so on. They will also be up on stage on some of the bigger festivals later in the year so don’t miss these boys.
New Era Reporter
2018-06-15 10:22:28 10 months ago

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