• July 21st, 2019
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When using ‘moolah’ for dark deeds…make damn sure no one finds out

Sport, Sports
Sport, Sports

It has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt that moolah and doping have been identified as the most influential elements of cheating in sport; in fact, the prime movers in foul play. Whilst the dust refuses to settle on the unavoidable ugly debacle which erupted between Namibia’s internationally acclaimed boxing promoter and multiple award winning match maker Nestor ‘Sunshine’ Tobias, and his equally famous protégé, one Julius ‘Blue Machine’ Indongo – there’s more than meets the eye in this nauseating unfolding saga, so to speak. As it stands, there appears to be a growing body of circumstantial evidence pointing towards the inherent dangers of systematic money laundering, greed, deception, dishonesty, unfairness and manipulation through the act of sheer foul play For heavens sake, what drives blokes in influential positions of trust to break basic laws governing their togetherness in the area of life where rules and well drafted regulations, in particularly are laid out crystal clear? I’m just wondering. Without beating about the bush, its obvious people resort to cheating to gain unfair advantage, but alas, such ill-earned gains will usually rest squarely on the shoulders of the great unwritten rule “don’t’ get found out”. Up to this day, Bro Nestor has not publicly denied the damning allegations of fraudulent practices instead rather diverting the matter to Indongo’s contractual obligations. His constant decline of requests to grant an extensive interview through a press conference so that he can put the record straight raises genuine suspicion, and is a serious cause of concern, which sadly invites more questions than answers. In the same spirit, his traditional press conferences have now been transformed into mere press releases – an exercise that can be interpreted and rightly so, as a well-orchestrated ploy to avoid pertinent questions from the media. This stance places the brother in moral maze. As responsible, accountable supposedly impartial scribes, we should not allow personal bias to soften the edges of outrage from our esteemed readers – thus blurring the lines of proper conduct or else where do we draw the line? I’m just wondering. There are always two sides to a coin bro Nestor, and silence at this very crucial stage could be interpreted as conceding defeat. Call a press conference and clear the air in the interest of accountability and credibility. Indongo must be careful not to jump from the frying pan into fire As the battle intensifies, there’s an old saying that the grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s now a well documented secret that “Blue Machine” has jumped ship to join forces with American match makers Lou Dibella Promotions, but a humble word of caution and genuine brotherly advise, Indongo must be careful not to jump from the frying pan into the fire. American boxing promoters are notorious and can be extremely vicious, while they would not hesitate to dump the boy like a bag of hot potatoes at the slightest provocation when they are done milking sufficient money out of him. This is now the time for self-introspection - Julius must surround himself with the right blokes to resurrect his stuttering boxing career, and not people that want to make a quick buck out of him. Bro Julies should not forget that he became a triple world champion while trained and nurtured by Sunshine, so be careful the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-12 10:55:44 1 years ago

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