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WHERE ARE NOW? Still Topsy Kim

2021-04-09  Strauss Lunyangwe

WHERE ARE NOW? Still Topsy Kim

While some go into hiding and others totally off the grid, notable figures especially women are still making their mark in their own right.

VIBEZ! caught up with Rita Bulipe Matanga also known as Topsy Kim who said she is maturing her sound by doing cover versions for now. “Namibian music has rigged benefits, so I’m also focused on business and work for now. But I’m not out of the studio, I’m partially still doing music.’’

Topsy said that the music industry is tough if you have no side hustle or a qualification that gets you a stable job. “That sees the fall of many great talents. As for me, I have both and that is sort of my foundation. Even if I’ve reduced the release of music, you will still read my name in the newspaper for something else or see me trending for something else, especially in Katima. So it’s that, the side hustle and having a job or I should call it an alternative basis,’’ she explained.

Quizzed as to when she will be releasing another album since the last offering, she explained is not in a rush in that regard. “I don’t plan on releasing an album soon until I make a hit song. By hit song, I don’t mean a song that ends up on TV, radio, bars, and cabs and at parties. I’m talking about a song that goes beyond borders and gets people talking. Like me waking up to my 100 000 subscriptions every day straight for a week or two!! That kind of thing,” she pointed out.


Lessons learned 

 With over six years vested in the music industry, she feels that it is ‘The Hunger Games’. “Every artist has the same goal, they just have different methods they use to get to the goal but the goal is the same. Internationally, globally or locally.” 


Dos and Don’ts 

 “The only don’t is do not copy nobody! Get in the studio and create a sound that defines you and your style. People love original! Do you and focus. One good song can make you think that you’ve made it, no you haven’t! Stay focused.” 

The qualified teacher advised her peers that salary is not enough! Music alone is not enough. “When you get money, invest! Save! Live within your tax brackets. Knowing how to work with money is what I call real success.” 

Topsy feels she still has a lot to prove and that will be sooner. “I’m aiming at the target. 

You are nothing without God, whatever you do, whoever you are. God is vital and the only way, the only truth and the life you need. Everything else comes after, so pray and believe,” she ended.


2021-04-09  Strauss Lunyangwe

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