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Where are they now? Killa-B becoming a superstar

2020-12-04  Aletta Shikololo

Where are they now? Killa-B becoming a superstar

In the early 2000s, multiple music stars topped the charts that have since gone missing in action or at least shifted gears in their careers. We are talking about the likes of Killa-B, who propelled the rise of music in Namibia at a time when we were still warming to the idea of appreciating local music.
As usual, Entertainment Now! took a trip down memory lane to revisit one of the music stars who debuted the music industry and find out what they have been up to.
Real name Kiljon Ngweda, Killa-B was considered by many as one of the finest performers and singers to have come from Namibia.

The legendary afro-pop artist opened up about his long music hiatus.
Although the artist had an instant following and paved ways for some big artists in the country, Killa-B said his desertion from music was prompted by the perils of fame.
“A life of fame might seem quite enviable—but that’s likely, at least partially. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming. With fame and money, everything was moving at a fast pace. I felt quite burdened and decided to take a break; however, along the way, my momentum and lifestyle changed. I moved back home and life just became a bit slow,” said the soft-spoken singer.

Despite his music career on rocks, Killa-B said he is back to finish what he started.
“I won’t let my situation or what happened to me determine who I am and what I have contributed to the music industry; I have not forgotten my dream of becoming a superstar,” he stated.
Killa-B entered the music scene with a bang, and songs like ‘Okinikini’ were instant hits, getting immense airplay on both radio and television. The singer also has eight albums under his belt.

Industry memories
“I have achieved quite a lot with my music. I had back-to-back albums such as ‘Township rocks’ to ‘Shebeen dance’ and also released hit songs that earned me recognition on Voice of America. My best memory was performing on international stages with some of the world’s music giants,” he explained.
The ‘Eliko’ hitmaker further said he has a certain award that constantly reminds him of who he is and what he is capable of.

“That particular award gives me motivation and reminds me of why I should not give up,” said the easy-going artist.
Despite his undeniable talent and creativity, Killa-B believes his music career would have gone far if he had a stronger team behind him.
He said: “I think I was a bit comfortable and didn’t choose a solid team to push my brand – and the terrible memory I can remember is the day I was brutally stabbed by my industry enemies.”
Asked if he has any regrets, the 42-year-old singer said: “I wished I could have been more stubborn to do things my own way.”

Dos and Donts 
“Be careful of who you let in your circle. Do not associate yourself with negative minded people. Less is more. You must always look sexy,” he advised.

What’s in the pipeline
Killa-B is currently working on his ninth album and he plans to launch a book next year, entitled ‘Heart of a lion’.
He said both projects are inspired by his trials and tribulations – and eventually, a strong will to succeed.  -

2020-12-04  Aletta Shikololo

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