• July 20th, 2019
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Who will guard the guards? …As security guard steals from the neighbour of the house he is guarding

Front Page News
Front Page News

Maria Amakali Windhoek-A security guard entrusted to guard and protect a house in Pioneers Park over the festive season, broke into the neighbour’s house from where he looted valuable goods over a four-day period last month. The security guard was arrested on Wednesday after members of the public noticed that he was looting a house in the area. The 24-year-old security guard, who was employed by a local security firm, was stationed at a house located in Pioneers Park when he saw an opportunity to steal while on duty. According to City Police Public Relations Officer, Fabian Amukwelele, the neighbours tipped off the police after observing suspicious activities. Before his arrest, the guard was found attempting to leave the house. City Police said the residents at the house were away on holiday and left the house unattended. According to information obtained by the police from CCTV footage of the neighbours, the security guard was seen on December 15, 17, 18 and 21 last year stealing from the house. “He was moving back and forth stealing while he was on duty guarding another house,” explained Amukwelele. The police said the guard later on confessed to stealing from the house right across the house he was hired to protect. He allegedly further informed the police that he has sold some of the items that he stole from the house while he exchanged some for other goods. The goods stolen, whose value could not be ascertained, ranged from spectacles to laptop. “We are very concerned about the number of houses that were left unattended during the festive season. This has created an opportunity for break-ins,” noted Amukwelele. He further urged residents to make provisions for someone to look after the house because robbers are very observant and are always looking for an opportunity to steal. “All house break-in arrests are a result of members of the public informing the police of suspicious activities. So, we are urging the public to have good relations with their neighbours as they are likely to be the first ones to notice anything suspicious,” said Amukwelele. The suspect has been detained and is yet to appear in court on a charge of housebreaking and theft.
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2018-01-05 09:01:56 1 years ago

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