• April 25th, 2019
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Why local musicians are venturing into selling T-shirts


Pinehas Nakaziko Although many musicians are happy just creating music and enjoying the lifestyle that being a famous musician provides, many of them have expanded their interest beyond music, including a passion of selling their brands through T-shirts and other accessories. Award-winning musician Albert Uulenga, popularly known as Mushe, last month released his clothing lines Cota Mushe, Just Mushe and Omunangeshefa, which he says are selling like hot cakes. So far he has sold more than 700 T-shirts, and some car stickers just a few weeks after the release of the brand. According to Mushe, artists in Namibia especially the famous ones are forced to sell T-shirts due to public demand, and by their fans who want to keep up with their brands. He says it is also important for artists to sell their brand through T-shirts because their fans just want to keep it local and buy local products. Mushe started selling T-shirts just last month when he released his latest album titled On Time. “Another reason is that we sell T-shirts for income. We make a lot of money through selling T-shirts because the album only sells for two to three months, but you need income on a monthly basis,” says Mushe, adding as long as the artist is making good quality and affordable T-shirts. He sells up to 10 T-shirts a day. Zulu Boy from the upcoming quartet of Ama Daz Floor says they have been in the T-shirt business for more than five years now. They recently released their Okanyakwi clothing line. “For upcoming artists it’s really difficult to make it through by selling T-shirts because you are not known and only supported by family members and close friends,” says Zulu Boy, adding that they have been making a little money through the T-shirts to release their albums.  “Selling T-shirts also helps market your brand as an artist and increases your fans,” says Zulu Boy. One of the top act musicians in the country, The Dogg, has been in the business of selling T-shirts for more than 15 years now. He recently released his clothing line Mad Monkey, which has been trending locally. But The Dogg refused to comment, saying he will only talk about the brand and its meaning at a later stage.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-23 09:57:18 1 years ago

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