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Windhoek water pipeline fixed

2022-02-25  Loide Jason

Windhoek water pipeline fixed
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The damage that occurred on the NamWater pipeline between Windhoek and Okahandja last week, affecting the water flow to certain areas in Windhoek, has finally been fixed.

Early this week, the City of Windhoek urged residents to use water sparingly as the capital’s reservoirs may reach critically low levels following damage to a NamWater pipeline a fortnight ago.

NamWater CEO Abraham Nehemia said the situation has been normalised and the delay in fixing the problem was caused by the rain.

“The only problem is, the place is wet. So, we have to pump that water out and bring in some dry sand before we can actually start with the actual work,” Nehemia stated.

He said another delay came because after fixing the pipe, the reservoirs have to be emptied of dirty water and filled with clean water in order to supply to different areas. 

“I cannot remember how many reservoirs we have there right now, but they all need to be pumped with water to the full capacity before it is pumped to our clients,” he said.

He also mentioned that the situation has been caused by the ageing infrastructure and the entity has already ordered the new materials to create the bypass for the old one. 

“We have already ordered the new material directly from the manufacturers, which are expected to arrive in the country within the next three months,” he said.

The CEO said last year during the same period, the situation also occurred because of the ageing infrastructure, assuring the nation that once the material arrive and is installed, it will not occur again.


2022-02-25  Loide Jason

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