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Woman killed over DNA results …deceased boyfriend allegedly not children’s father

2023-10-02  Festus Hamalwa

Woman killed over DNA results …deceased boyfriend allegedly not children’s father

EENHANA - A 42-year-old man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death yesterday after DNA results revealed that the two children he was raising, were not his.

The man, identified as Roland Kapule Ndahoyo, died shortly after he killed his girlfriend Eve Leena Kalimbo (31) when the police shot him while they were trying to apprehend him.

The incident occurred at the couple’s home in Eenhana during the early hours of yesterday morning. 

Deputy Commissioner of Ohangwena police Zachariah Amakali said Ndahoyo was shot when he was trying to fight the police with a knife and gun.

At the time of the incident, the couple were residing together with their two minor children, aged seven and 18 months.

When New Era paid a visit to Kalimbo’s family homestead yesterday, family members confirmed that she had been enduring abuse at the hands of her boyfriend. Elina Vakuwilile, Kalimbo’s sister, witnessed how her sister drew her last breath in a pool of blood.

She narrated how Ndahoyo on various occasions threatened to kill her sister. 

“Since 2019, my sister has been suffering. Her boyfriend always wanted to kill her because of the cheating allegations,” said Vakuwilile. She said in September, she received a call from Ndahoyo, telling her that he had taken the children for a DNA test. The results apparently revealed that he was not their biological father.

“However, he gave her a letter which did not have any official stamp or doctor’s signature,” narrated Vakuwilile.

She did not advise them, as she thought they were joking, since the children look like their father. Vakuwilile said on Saturday night, she and Ndahoyo were hanging out at a local bar.

“Around 23h00, I received a call from their neighbours, informing me that the couple were fighting. While I was on my way to their house, I met Ndahoyo, who asked me where I was going,” said Vakuwilile.

She said Ndahoyo grabbed her phone, and warned her against going to his house. 

“He slapped me and called me a witch before running away into the bushes with my phone,” she continued.

Vakuwilile allegedly ran to the couple’s home, where she found her sister in a pool of blood. Next to her were two knives, a panga and a stick.

Her sister had a cut on her throat.  

“She died in my presence. I am shocked,” said Vakuwilile. She thus urged fellow women not to shy away from reporting their abusive boyfriends to the relevant authorities. -

2023-10-02  Festus Hamalwa

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