• July 16th, 2020

Word On The Block by the Namibian Police - Understanding primary police functions

The National Assembly of the Republic of Namibia passed the Police Act, 1990, which set up a police force known as the Namibian Police Force. The Police Act, 1990 (Act 19 of 1990) defines the functions of the Namibian Police Force as follows:

The preservation of the internal security of Namibia, which means the police must ensure that peace and security are maintained in Namibia. 
The maintenance of law and order, which means the police must ensure everyone abides by all laws concerning public peace and safety. 

The investigation of any offence or alleged offence, which means the police must determine whether a reported crime actually occurred. The police must also determine who committed the crime through investigations. 

The prevention of crime, which means the police must identify conditions in the community which could lead to crime. The police must also take steps to prevent crimes from occurring. 
The protection of life and property, which means the police must protect the life and property of all citizens of Namibia. 

It is mandatory and imperative, therefore, that the Namibian Police members always uphold the basic rights and freedoms, while maintaining law and order and investigating offences. The maintenance of law and order and the bringing of wrongdoers to justice are foundation stones of a stable democratic society.
Service to the public is a primary mission of the Namibian Police Force. This means when someone enters a Charge Office or stops a police member on the road, it is not an interruption but the reason for any police officer’s work.  

The police are there to serve the public. This means the police must help the public any time and in every way possible – failure to do so is a violation of the Act.

Community policing is another way in which the Namibian Police Force deals with the public. This means the Namibian Police Force identifies problems that lead to crimes or the development of criminals. The Namibian Police Force must, therefore, work with all members and agencies in the community to solve these problems and to promote public safety. 

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