• January 18th, 2020

You don’t need a formal qualification to be on TV: Nina Katangana

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – She has been described as a “very special lady” who hones in on a target once she has set her mind to it and with her long profession in the media industry, television presenter and news anchor Nina Katangana encourages aspiring media gurus to perfect their talents for them to make it big in the industry, regardless of their qualifications.

With over 14 years of television broadcast experience with the Namibia Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) and One Africa Television, Katangana found her passion in television, saying the media fraternity is vast and encompasses many components even though she has a qualification in marketing and finance.

In an interview with Youth Corner, Katangana advises those that want a career in media specifically in news anchoring and presenting, to make sure that they are good at it and they should have a love for it before pursuing such a career, as it is what will carry them for over the years.  

“Being an articulate, eloquent and confident speaker also goes a long way. As does having impeccable general knowledge and great research skills. The ability to sit down and interview a minister one day on Namibia’s economic headwinds and a Kwaito artist the next day on their latest music video requires an individual of a certain calibre and astuteness,” she further advised, adding that even though a journalism degree may aid their efforts, it’s their natural ability and experience in the field that will set them apart from the average. 

Born and raised in Windhoek by South African parents, Katangana is also a founder of a non-profit organisation, Happy Healthy Wealthy. As a custodian for social advocacy and human rights, the organisation pays special attention to mental health issues, gender-based violence and menstrual health and hygiene education for young girls and women.

Apart from being a media personality, Katangana is also a moderator and most recent undertaking was with the Goethe Institute of Namibia and the University of Namibia (Unam) under the theme: Museum Conversations 2019.

“The idea was to bring together professors, academics and scholars of museology to reimagine and navigate the roles of museums in contemporary Africa. To look at new museum approaches and also to touch on more pertinent issues such as restitution and the repatriating of remains, artifacts, collections and others still on display today in colonial museums,” she explained.

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