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Young people slow to get vaccinated…vaccine conspiracy theories abound

2021-05-26  Aletta Shikololo

Young people slow to get vaccinated…vaccine conspiracy theories abound
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A senior nurse at the Katutura Intermediate Hospital, Alex Kampanza said more elderly people have received the vaccine than young people, attributing the low turnout of young ones to misinformation circulating on social media.

“Since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign, we have seen more elders turning up for vaccines compared to young people. It could also be because of conspiracy theories and misleading information circulating mostly on social media,” said Kampanza.

He encouraged young people and the rest of the public to take the vaccine, saying it is the only way to protect themselves and others from contracting the coronavirus.

“People should fear nothing. I know there is so much misleading information out there, but all I can say is, the vaccine is safe,” he said.

According to Kampanza, since the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccination campaign at the hospital, they have not seen major side effects among those who got vaccinated.

Deputy minister of information, Emma Theophelus, who has booked an appointment to take the jab, also encouraged young people to do their part and get vaccinated.

“Almost every Namibian citizen at some point in their lives has been vaccinated and even though for many, it was not by choice as they were infants, I am inviting all citizens to choose to stop the pandemic by getting the Covid-19 vaccine,” said the deputy minister.

Talking to Youth Corner, health educator on vaccines at the Windhoek Central Hospital, Hileni Samuel said they educate people before vaccination.

“Before people get vaccinated, we educate them on the type of vaccines given, possible side effects, and what to do in case those side effects occur,” said Samuel while also encouraging the public to do research and seek the necessary information about the vaccine at all healthcare centres.

2021-05-26  Aletta Shikololo

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