• December 3rd, 2020

Youngsters set Sanlam Junior Tennis Series ablaze

Maurice Kambukwe

Namibia Tennis Association (NTA) chairperson for the junior tennis committee Santie van der Walt has expressed great satisfaction with the high level of performance displayed by local youngsters at the recent Sanlam Junior Tennis Tournament Series, which ended last weekend.
Last weekend’s event marked the second and last edition of the Sanlam-sponsored tennis series for the country’s youngsters, which saw 95 participants going toe-to-toe in over 250 matches played in a space of two days.
With thrilling action and fierce competitiveness on full display, van der Walt – just like those in attendance – was left in awe and highly impressed with the standard of tennis played and talents showcased on the day.
“We witnessed some of the best tennis this past weekend, looking at the potential that was displayed one could see how good looking the future of tennis in the country is. Getting to see the various new winners last week’s tourney was one of the best moments for me because you could see every single participant had prepared themselves very well,” said van der Walt.
She, however, expressed concern that some of the best tennis players are based at the coastal town of Walvis Bay and they couldn’t partake in the competition due to the widespread Covid-19 pandemic. “It’s unfortunate that some of the best tennis players that we have are based at the coast and they couldn’t be part of the competition due to the coronavirus. It’s sad that they are not on the same level as their Windhoek counterparts, but it’s good that they are able to train from their homes. The organisers are satisfied that the players had ample match exposure over the past nine weeks as a result of the three national tournaments that were held. Our goal is to give each participant as much game time as possible to develop their tennis, specifically junior tennis in Namibia,” she said.

Weekend results as follow 

U/10 Girls
1. Ottilie Hinda 
2. Linda Alemu 
3. Emma Brinkmann
Doubles 1st: Linda Alemu/Emma Brinkmann
Doubles 2nd: Ottilie Hinda/Elrica Nakusera

U/10 Boys
1. Luan Brandt 
2. Samuel Lagvardi 
3. Divan Engelbrech
Doubles 1st: De Wit Bergh/Luan Brandt
Doubles 2nd: Divan Engelbrecht/Markus van Heerden

U/12 Girls
1. Santie van der Walt 
2. Mari van Schalkwyk 
3. Ayanda Basson
Doubles 1st: Ayanda Basson/Joanivia Bezuidenhout
Doubles 2nd: Lila Kidd/Mari van Schalkwyk

U/12 Boys
1. Ruben Yssel 
2. Eduan Schollij 
3. Lian Kuhn
Doubles 1st: Abraham Alemu/Ruben Yssel
Doubles 2nd: Lian Kuhn/Brian Edwards

U/14 Girls
1. Karla Terblanche 

2. Odycia Karaerua 
3. Riamarie Visagie
Doubles 1st: Odycia Karaerua/Leandre Louw
Doubles 2nd: Karla Terblanche/Riamarie Visagie

U/14 Boys
1. Adam Diggle 
2. Oliver Leicher 
3. Israel Dowie
Doubles 1st: Israel Dowie/Joel Hiveluah
Doubles 2nd: Djamil Amamub/Emmanuel van Zyl

U/16 Girls
1. Raica Coelho 
2. Hendrina Apollus 
3. Elze Stears
Doubles 1st: Raica Coelho/Dominique Theron
Doubles 2nd: Elze Stears/Hayley Kidd

U/18 Girls
1. Lisa Yssel 
2. Megan Lombardt

U/18 Boys
1. Johannes Swart 
2. George Louw 
3. Daneel van der Walt
Doubles 1st: Johannes Swart/Albertus Brinkman
Doubles 2nd: Sarel Janse van Rensburg/Adam Diggle
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