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Youth spreading hope among fellows

2018-12-19  Pinehas Nakaziko

Youth spreading hope among fellows

Pinehas Nakaziko

WINDHOEK - Seblon Hanyika, a 23-year old nurse based in Tsumeb is currently spreading words of hope among fellow youth with his brand known as Never Lose Hope (NLH). 

NLH is a motivational brand that Hanyika established in 2016 and aims at giving hope to the hopeless and encouraging young people to hold on, and to keep on chasing after their dreams no matter what obstacles they are facing. “Being a compassionate person, I always try to do something that will help ease the suffering, especially in young people. I am always hopeful in whatever I want to achieve, even when the odds are stacked against me,” says Hanyika. 

With the brand, Hanyika says he started writing motivational songs and sending them to his friends, although it was hard to reach to everyone. “I then realised that people started to love my songs. So I decided to come up with a brand that will motivate everyone to hold onto whatever they want to achieve in life,” says Hanyika. With the brand, Hanyika started selling NLH t-shirts, Jerseys and stickers, just to mention a few. This idea came up when he was growing up as a child in Tsumeb, facing different challenges that almost turned his life upside down. “I decided not to lose hope and to keep on chasing my dreams. So I become someone in future,” Hanyika explains. He says he managed to fight through and finished his Grade 12 with remarkable results, and went to varsity. 

“Seeing a lot of children dropping out of school, people giving up on their dreams, people committing suicide because of the bad situations they are faced with thinking it’s the solution to their problems really break my heart. So I decided to come up with something that will help reduce school dropouts and motivate people to continue chasing their dreams.”

Apart from selling t-shirts and goodies with a message, Hanyika also sends out motivational messages to the people almost every week via social media platforms. “Just so that everyone stays motivated. I always tell myself that I know whom the message will reach, it might reach someone that was about to give up on their dreams so if they see the brand, it might change their mind and hold on to their dreams,” he says. 

He says the brand is currently doing well in Tsumeb, and responses from people are overwhelming. “Also people from different parts of the country always call to ask for NLH products, which I always deliver. So I keep everyone motivated. It’s just a blessing when someone believes in what you do, and I am forever grateful for the NLH family.”

2018-12-19  Pinehas Nakaziko

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