• July 3rd, 2020

Zhang condemns violent HK protests

WINDHOEK - Chinese ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming yesterday strongly condemned the violent protests in autonomous region of Hong Kong saying the anarchists ‘seriously undermine the rule of law.’
“Violence would never prevail, prosperity and stability of Hong Kong is in the interest of all,” he said in reference to the violent protests that have engulfed Hong Kong since the autonomous region proposed the Fugitive Offenders and Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Legislation(Amendment)Bill in June this year.

These protests, he stated, are “seriously undermining its rule of law, social order, economic growth and international image and have been closely watched by many people across the globe.”

“I noticed that some Namibian media reported the Hong Kong matters from an overall impartial and objective perspective. I appreciate that. However, some western politicians have been making irresponsible remarks from time to time and some western media disregard the acts and they failed to report the truth, for which I must clear the air in order to set the record straight,” he said
“First of all, the government of Hong Kong proposed to amend The Two Bills for the purpose of improving the legal system, which is absolutely correct. In February last year, a Hong Kong citizen named Chen Tongjia murdered his pregnant girlfriend in Taiwan and fled back to Hong Kong where the court had no jurisdiction according to the law and the principle of territorial jurisdiction,” narrated the Chinese ambassador. 

“Meanwhile, there was no formal extradition arrangement between Hong Kong and Taiwan to transfer fugitives for their crimes. Since the case was so serious that the government of Hong Kong proposed to amend the two bills in a bid to quell public anxiety,” Zhang explained in a media release.

“For now, Hong Kong has agreements of fugitive transference and mutual legal assistance on crimes with 19 and 30 countries and regions respectively. However, there have been no such arrangements with the Mainland, Macau and Taiwan, and even no individual case cooperation is possible. Thus, the amendments for the two bills are quite necessary to erase the legal loopholes, uphold the principles of social justice and the rule of law, and to prevent criminals from going unpunished.”

“Secondly, violence has no place in any civilized society ruled by law. Since the return of Hong Kong in 1997, it enjoys sound legal system, stable society and prosperous economy. Hong Kong ranks high in the index of rule of law around the globe and its citizens are endowed with extensive democratic rights and freedom. Besides, Hong Kong, commonly seen as one of the freest economy in the world, provides superior business environment for investors. Actually, from the beginning of this incidence, the regional government has listened to the different opinions about the amendments of the two bills and the regional police has respected and safeguarded the right of holding peaceful demonstrations. However, what happened since June 12, was that some extreme protesters purposely resorted to violence, which is far beyond peaceful demonstration,” he stated. He also noted a section of the demonstrators stormed the Legislative Council Complex, vandalised the Chinese government emblem, tossed toxic liquid and powder to police officers and even bite off one police officer’s finger. Some fanatical protesters went on further and painted insulting words on its office wall. And someone even blocked tourists in HK International Airport, which severely deranged the normal order. Even worse, it’s outrageous that several vandals tore and damaged a Chinese national flag in public,” stated ambassador Zhang.

He also took a swipe at some foreign politicians who he said publicly expressed their sympathy and support for the violent protesters and he feels it seems these politicians “were so eager to see Hong Kong plunged into chaos, which is apparently “double standard.”

“I can’t help asking, if extremists assault London’s Metropolitan Police, broke into the Whitehall and block up Heathrow Airport, will Britain government still sympathise and cheer for that?” he quipped and further stressed, “Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China, and what happens in HK is totally Chinese internal affairs.”

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