• December 10th, 2018
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Africa’s blue economy

The first global conference on the blue economy is being held this week in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, bringing together some 4,000 participants from around the world to discuss and learn how to build a sustainable ‘blue economy’. Held between 26-28 November, it is under the theme: “The Blue Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development”.


Teacher interviews riddled with nepotism and favouritism

In September, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture gazetted a number of teaching posts country-wide. This prompted unemployed qualified teachers and prospective teachers to apply. However, the process of shortlisting interviewees and appointing the outstanding candidate seems to be subjective, corrupt and time-wasting. 

Income disparity a ticking time bomb

“Do the right things properly to succeed,” roared Theo Ben Gurirab, then Speaker of the National Assembly, in 2012. He was discussing the big problem of income disparity where some citizens have a lion’s share of income in the country. Income disparity in general, and poverty in particular, are not just about income. 

Spend wisely this festive season

To have a memorable holiday season, shouldn’t mean you need to go into debt, and by keeping your finances under control you can keep the other challenging aspects of the holiday in check as well. 

Traditional authorities becoming too political

I have learned with dismay and shock the ongoing intervention of traditional authorities in political parties’ internal affairs. Traditional leaders have turned political leaders, their statements at public gatherings are not cultural or traditional related anymore, but too political. 

Thank you  for the pens

On behalf of Olukolo Primary School  I want to extend our heart-felt thank you for commitment by friends of our late former learner Desiewaar Heita (let his soul rest in peace) for collecting a lot of pens for our learners.

Go well, little brother!

It is with great sadness that we at the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology have learnt of the passing away of one of the few amongst us, a professional, committed, a highly objective media practitioner, who was our media colleague of many, moons.

Can a boss manage emotions in the workplace?

It is not that emotions have no place in the workplace, or maybe not at all? Maybe when we weight them but emotions are emotions, or are they different? I look at two: Constructive emotions can be motivating and can enhance understanding. But excessively intense emotions block effective communication and hinder problem solving. 


Why the best time to invest in Africa is now!

Africa is the most profitable region in the world. A report by the UN Conference on Trade and Development states that between 2006 and 2011, Africa had the highest rate of return on inflows of Foreign Direct Investment: 11,4 percent. This is compared to 9,1 percent in Asia, 8,9 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean.


An open letter to defaulting NSFAF employed beneficiaries

I am compelled by two reasons to write this letter to you, dear NSFAF beneficiaries. Firstly, I am consciously bound to finish what I once championed for. During my studies at Unam, I championed for the call for the government study loans for all needy students at tertiary institutions.


Discipline nurture Stabilisation

Socrates have proclaimed that discipline is the highest level of education that can be attained by an educated human being. Yet, still, discipline can still be held in exception of education background. Many times, we have come across with sentiments about discipline, issues about discipline as well as conducts about discipline. From my point of view, I define discipline as an art of adhering and honouring the defined and established norms (law) and customs of a particular culture for a certain society, nation, community, institution and so forth.