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For the love of baking

2021-07-02  Festus Hamalwa

For the love of baking

Ndinomukulili Kakala, a second-year education student at Unam’s HP Campus, is passionate about baking cakes. She is the founder and owner of Ndina’s Bakery in Ongwediva, started in 2019 while she was in Grade 12.

The 21-year-old told VIBEZ! that baking has been one of her childhood hobbies, which she has natured to full growth.

“Starting off with where the name ‘Ndina’s Bakery’ is derived from, it is inspired by self-love. I have always wanted to have something attached to my name – something worthwhile and a legacy to leave behind,” she said. 

Kakala said baking helps her relax because the time she spends in the kitchen helps her enhance her mood. She is surprised by what her hands can do – and every time she comes up with a new design, she proudly advertises her business on Instagram.

“I then started teaching my little cousin (Veronika), who was just 10 years old by then, so we could bake together. Veronika is more about decorations. She is super good and does an excellent job. We bake all types of cakes – from cupcakes to any cake of your choice and design. Mind you, we also offer baking classes – and so far, we have trained about 10 people and five of them opened bakeries too.” 

She said being a student and running a time-consuming business has not been easy for her.

“I pay my own transport fees to Unam and take care of my family members. For me not to waffle, let me spot out some awesome encounters, such as meeting brilliant-minded people who helped my business flourish to date.

“The wise man that once said ‘meeting someone accidentally then having them become a huge part of your life’, was right indeed. I value my customers like family, because I am here because of them, and them having smiles on their faces because of cakes from Ndina’s Bakery. I am really honoured.” 

Kakala said she will remain optimistic to ensure her creativity in baking cakes lasts long. 

“If you’re passionate about a goal or dream, then do not stop until you achieve it. Do whatever it takes. Persisting in the face of adversity is what builds champions,” she advised.



Proud… Ndinomukulili Kakala. 

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2021-07-02  Festus Hamalwa

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