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400 interviewed for one cleaner post

2021-02-16  Obrien Simasiku

400 interviewed for one cleaner post
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OMUTHIYA – Four-hundred candidates, who attended preliminary interviews for a cleaner position at Omuthiya yesterday, expressed dismay in the process. 

The interviews, which were slated for 09:00, only started at 13:00 to the dismay of prospective candidates, with some claiming they arrived as early as 07:00 and had travelled from other regions. 
The cleaner position is at Niigambo Combined School in Amilema. 

“They knew from the beginning that interviews were to be conducted today; how can they allow this type of inconvenience to happen. It is time-consuming; some of us have other equally important things to do. The process itself is flawed; who knows what they were doing all those hours – perhaps trying to fit one of their own,” said a concerned candidate, Frieda David. 

“We are very hungry and stressed; how can they keep us waiting for this long. I travelled from Swakopmund and I was supposed to return today – but due to these delays, I will now incur additional costs as much as I am financially strained,” an agitated woman, who requested anonymity, added. 

New Era understands only 15 of the 400 candidates would be shortlisted for the final round of interviews. 
Meanwhile, school principal Ananias Haimbodi said there was a logistical glitch that affected the process.  
“The circuit office was supposed to facilitate the process but only to be informed in the last minute that the school management will now be responsible to make necessary arrangements. We do apologise for the inconvenience. However, the oral interviews for successful candidates will be conducted shortly after the written test,” explained Haimbodi. 

In addition, he said, they could not reschedule the oral interview to another day because it will adversely affect the interviewees. 
“There is nowhere we will keep these people if we are to postpone; therefore, the whole process will be concluded today,” he reiterated. Despite the delays, the interviewees had mixed feelings regarding the shortlisting of hundreds of people for a single position, thus questioning the competency of the officials, saying they are failing to do a thorough filtering process. 

“As much as we understand the motive of making the process fair by inviting all those meeting requirements, we are requesting government to change the system or create more positions – because, in the end, many are losing out on time and money,” said another candidate, Rachel Iimbili. 

2021-02-16  Obrien Simasiku

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