• February 26th, 2020

Celebrating 10 Years of PASCH

WINDHOEK - Learners and teachers from the different PASCH schools in Namibia met at the Delta Secondary School to celebrate 10 years of PASCH as well as the German language in Namibia on October 27.

PASCH stands for the “Schools: Partners for the Future”-Programme. This German programme of international educational cooperation between schools was established by then German Foreign Minister and present Federal President Dr Frank-Walter Steinmeier. It aims to build up a worldwide network of partner schools and to awaken young people’s interest and enthusiasm for modern-day Germany as well as to provide material support to those schools. Currently, eight Namibian schools and 2000 schools worldwide are partners in the PASCH-Programme. In 2018, Etosha Secondary School joined the network as 8th PASCH school in Namibia. 

The Delta Secondary School in Windhoek is one of the first PASCH schools in Namibia. During the two-hour long programme, learners showcased their diverse array of talents, such as playing the national anthems of Namibia and Germany as rock covers or presenting German songs (Delta Secondary School). 

Other students also sang songs as well as provided an overview of their participation in the PASCH programmes (Martin Luther High School), performed self-composed German poetry (Windhoek High School and Otjiwarongo Secondary School) as well as comedy acts (Namib High School). 

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2018-11-07 11:12:11 | 1 years ago

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