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Guinas to get own constituency office

2019-02-08  Obrien Simasiku

Guinas to get own constituency office

OMUTHIYA -The Oshikoto Regional Council says plans are underway to construct an administrative 
office at Tsintsabis for Guinas Constituency, whose staff has been without an office for the past several years compelling them to operate from a settlement office.

The settlement office in question is located at Oshivelo, which is in another constituency. 
Oshivelo now falls under Nehale Lya MpinganaConstituency, following 2013 delimitation commission, which led to the establishment of a new constituency. 

In an interview with New Era, Guinas Councillor, Betty Kaula expressed concern towards the regional council for delays in constructing a new constituency office in its area of operation. 

Kaula said she has on numerous occasion written letters to the regional council seeking explanations as to why there is slow progress, but has not received any satisfactory answers. 

“Over the years I have been writing letters to make inquiries but nothing is being done, I am been told there is no money. However, until when will this continue? There was a budget allocation of N$10 million to kick-start the construction process, but that money was put on hold for other projects. Up to date, there is no progress, not even surveying or a feasibility study. How do they convince me that, something will be done if the basics are not addressed,” fumed Kaula, who also serves a member of the National Council. 

For the lack of an office, Kaula said, her entire staff has found it difficult to render proper services to its people and to implement its plans.

 “I really feel like an orphan and I do not know why I am being treated as such. This is the only constituency, which is still without an office. My staff are at Oshivelo are squeezed in a small office, an area that falls in a different constituency, we are literally working in someone else’s backyard but serving the interests of a next-door person. It is really a big challenge for us, we are ever on the road,” stressed Kaula, stating that her vehicle is her only office. 

In response, the Chief Regional Officer, Frans Enkali said there has significant strides been made to construct an office, saying the only hold up is the process of proclaiming Tsintsabis as a settlement, where the envisaged office is to be built. 
“Another issue is we were adhering to the government directive that no new capital projects should be undertaken. We worried about the project and we are not sitting idle, once the proclamation is done we can then do planning and the feasibility study,” he stated.

“This process might be concluded during the upcoming financial year, the earlier this is done and with availability of funds, the early we will do the feasibility and then eventually do the planning and move to the actual construction,” said Enkali.. 
In December, the Regional Council inaugurated the Nehale Lya Mpingana constituency office at Omboto. The construction cost N$9 million, including a N$1.3 million three-roomed staff house. 

2019-02-08  Obrien Simasiku

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