• September 23rd, 2020

Let’s meet at the ballot… Itula tells Swapo game plan would be different

The newly launched Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) president Dr Panduleni Itula has told the ruling party leadership to be prepared to meet him and his party at the ballot box, saying this time around the game plan would be different. 
Itula, who contested last year’s presidential election as an independent candidate, made the remarks on Friday during the convention of his new party in Windhoek. The convention also saw the adoption of the party’s constitution, the unveiling of the party symbols and official colours as well as the elected national leaders. 

“Let us meet at the ballot, this time around there are no EVMs (electronic voting machines). This time there will be a different force, not just Itula alone that you have to contest with, you will have to contest with 14 regions of IPC. You will have to contend with the people determined to change the suffering of their people,” Itula said. 
The outspoken IPC leader said Swapo has failed the Namibian people and therefore Geingob should resign as he has also failed the mandate of the people.

“The Harambee Prosperity Plan (HPP) has failed – therefore they must resign,” said Itula while pledging his party’s commitment to fight injustice and inequality. 
He said IPC would fight social injustice and corruption, which, he added, has left many Namibians languishing in deplorable conditions and abject poverty despite the country having gained independence some 30 years ago. 
“We are here to establish ourselves as independent patriots for a single reason, and that is change. To change in the direction that our people want. It will be difficult to build a future of a truly free Namibia, from all social injustice, if you are not in power,” said Itula who was earlier this year expelled from Swapo. 

He said members of his party, supporters and sympathisers will be known as patriots because they are and will be patriotic to their country, its resources and to one another. But he urged party members not to try and tarnish the images of personalities and belittle other people, be it politicians or anyone else for the wrong they have done and continue to do to the Namibian people. 
The convention saw Itula being confirmed as party president while businessman Brian Black was elected as the party’s national chairperson. Christine Aochamus was elected as the party’s secretary general while Innocent Mwilima was elected as treasurer and Stefanus Mvula as the party’s political mobiliser. 

Others elected at the conference include Paulus Hailulwa as the party elders leader while Michael Mwashidange was elected as youth leader and Julia Eino as the women affairs leader. 
– ktjitemisa@nepc.com.na

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2020-08-03 08:50:06 | 1 months ago

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