• February 19th, 2020

Mentorship continues to excite young girls

WINDHOEK – The VisionCore mentorship programme for young girls under the theme ‘Raising Leading Ladies’ continues to excite the young girls. 

More than eight mentees met in the capital over the weekend at the A Shipena Senior Secondary School where they discussed how to test their attention spans, and setting up a vision board. The girls were also engaged in physical exercises and guided how to turn their weaknesses into strength. Maxine Swartz who have been involved in the programme since last year says it has taught her to prioritise issues in her life such as God first and how to focus on her schoolwork on daily basis. “This particular day of the physical exercises last weekend was difficult for me as I could not complete the 50 sets of jumping rope due to the fact that I’m not fit enough... our senior mentee who is over 40 years old managed to go up to sixty sets of the jumping rope, and that inspired me not to give up and I tried until I managed,” says Swartz, adding that the greatest thing which she learned was also respect for others.

Grace Hiskia says she learned to be focused and disciplined in her studies.  “I was recently selected as a class captain and I put all my leadership skills I learned from the VisionCore in practice at school,” says Hiskia, adding that in her mentee session over the weekend, she worked on her mind and body. She found out that a healthy body gives a healthy mind. “I am happy to be part of the mentees as it keeps us off the street and we always talk about productive topics like study methods and self-core routine,” she says.

VisonCore is a community based entity organisation engaging girls in mentorship programme, which also entails seminars, motivational talks, conferences and educational guidance. VisionCore mentees meet every second weekend of the month.  This is to make sure that the mentorship programme does not interfere with schoolwork.  The founder of the programme, Aletta Eises-Thanises says they brought in the physical exercise part, as they believe the body should be healthy to house a healthy and a positive mind for positive outcomes. The mentees will also attend a weekend long camp at Zuin7 during the school holiday.

Pinehas Nakaziko
2018-08-22 09:29:08 | 1 years ago

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