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Oompie still at it despite challenges

2020-01-31  Paheja Siririka

Oompie still at it despite challenges

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Eliaser Abel Kavari, professionally knows as Oompie to some in the music industry says there is a scarcity of support and empowerment in the music industry in Namibia.

To add to that, there is the affirmative side too, like losing a gig, grant or project if you can’t speak certain languages, he expressed. He feels the hardest part for him is the many obstacles he always faces but he believes he will be successful in the industry.

The 34-year-old said the toughest part of penetrating the industry is getting people to understand and accept his music, especially when you don’t do House, Kwaito or Hip hop.
The young artist has composed his own work that hasn’t been released yet but has done numerous covers, including Maxwell’s ‘Women’s work’, Labrinth’s ‘Jealous’, John Legend ‘Ordinary people’ and ‘All of me’, and Micheal Bubble’s ‘Feel good’.

Since he started singing at the age of five, Oompie has always been passionate about music.
‘’I grew up with my mom; she was a church choral singer and I started singing in church when I was five. My inspiration came from a lot of artists with different genres like Take 6, Brian McKnight, Whitney Houston, J Butler, Charlie Wilson, Boyz II Men, Michael Jackson, George Benson, the Winans, etc. So, you’ll see I like jazz, soul, R&B, afro-fusion, blues and gospel,’’ he revealed.

He told Entertainment Now! these musicians inspire him to believe he can also get where they are, to become a household name, and “to endure and persist no matter how long it takes, especially like Charlie Wilson who got his breakthrough at a very late age because he didn’t give up – and what mostly inspires me are my kids,’’ said Oompie.

Having performed for a few corporates like MTC, GIPF, Standard Bank, FNB and Namcol, Live Jazz Band and NTN, Oompie wants to penetrate into the South African market. ‘’I always wanted to penetrate the SA music industry, as ours isn’t promising at all; hence, that’s my plan for this year.
I’m busy with my project, which is quite overdue, but worth waiting for,’’ he revealed.

He chose the South African market scene because he believes it is more musically developed. He is eager to participate in the voice SA competition this year and continue his musical journey.


2020-01-31  Paheja Siririka

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