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Opinion - An attack on Geingob is an attack on the State

2020-03-13  Staff Reporter

Opinion - An attack on Geingob is an attack on the State
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Teofe Namukwaya

The recent attempts to oust democratically elected President Dr Hage Geingob have reference.
The AR has launched a programme of action throughout Namibia to oust the Namibian government, yet all the state institutions and offices accept these actions as constitutional and as part of democracy. 

Maybe the Namibian Government is the only one in the entire world, and the Swapo Party the only party that is comfortable, sitting and passively agreeing with a programme of subversion to be ousted from power. If that were not the case, the appointed functionaries at all levels would have been called to task, long ago, to account for the destabilisation of the very state and party institutions that they are supposed to uphold. 

There is absolutely no basis whatsoever for those who hold the levers of power to sit and decry the insults, instigations, assassination threats, and tribal radicalisation of sections of the youth, as if they are helpless victims, with no power or resources. 

Now is not the time to sit and cry or seek sympathy. As Lt General Rtd Denga Ndaitwah wrote in his excellent reflections on the conundrum of the 2019 elections in last week’s Confidente, these followers of Dr Itula have been on a political rampage before, during and after the November elections creating fear in the minds of Swapo members through inciting messages on social media. 

“There were security threats that were directed to the sitting President… particularly in Oshiwambo videos and audios, spoken in an unequivocal language that should the current President win elections, he must be killed in order not to allow him to occupy State House,” the general wrote.

The general further clarified that it is beyond reasonable doubt that any political call for killing, by its definition is always categorised as assassination. He also noted that similar security threats in Oshiwambo language were issued, that should the Supreme Court not rule in favour of Dr Itula, this country would experience political morass through mass demonstrations, which will include blocking of public roads, and that some Swapo members would be eliminated by slitting their throats one by one in the dark. 
General Ndaitwah defined a security threat as “whatever causes real or perceived threats to individuals, organisations or states”. 

He further cautioned that “lawlessness and anarchy loom in the country if one allows people to walk freely in the name of democratic rights while advocating political assassinations. Democracy or no democracy, advocating for assassination is the highest act of treason in every country. However, only in Namibia can this be allowed without consequences.”

It is therefore obvious that Namibian institutions and authorities tasked with law, order and security at many levels are not taking such threats as serious, except for the acting Chief of the Namibian Defence Force who at the height of these incitements stepped out and raised a security alert, warning that the army will not tolerate lawlessness and regime change. 

To the credit of the police Inspector General he came out this year to support the NDF chief’s security situational assessment and warned that the police would deal with those who are insulting the President and want to cause trouble in the country. But in all these, the political voices of those who are supposed to stand together with the President have been glaringly quiet. 

As indicated, the insults and the threats directed at the President are not essentially an attack against his person only, but against the vision of a united, peaceful, prosperous and stable Namibia in which all citizens enjoy equal rights. 

Sitting on the fence due to cowardice and selfishness, and not speaking out against this tribal campaign will bring the entire house crashing down even with the fence sitters, cowards, haters, armchair critics, observers, professionals and all. The civic society including the churches, traditional leaders, elders, women groups, and progressive youth, should unequivocally make their voices heard, loud and clear! 
And against those on social media advocating for assassinations and instability, and whosoever ruling or opposition party politicians supporting their cause. They should either distance themselves or face being arraigned before the courts.  Appeasement will only be feeding the youth tribalism enemy until it grows into an uncontrollable and wild huge anaconda that will devour our beautiful Namibia; thus squashing it with heavy force on the head without fear or hesitancy, while still in its infancy, is the only correct solution.
I rest my case.

2020-03-13  Staff Reporter

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