• September 24th, 2020

Oshikoto suspends prison visits over Covid-19 

OMUTHIYA - The Oshikoto police have heed to the call to suspend visitation of trial-awaiting inmates in the wake of the deadly coronavirus which has since been declared a national health emergency. 

This is one of the preliminary measures put in place to minimise chances of spread of the virus. “We have implemented some measures in place as indicated by the inspector general that all visits to inmates should be suspended for the time being. This is an effort to reduce any chances to spread the virus, therefore this should not be construed and interpreted in a negative way by the public,” stated Inspector Ellen Nehale.
In addition to this, new offenders will also not be mixed with existing ones. Other measures include suspension of fingerprints, breathalysers. 

On the other hand, individual police members in Oshikoto have taken it upon themselves by putting money together in order to buy hand sanitisers, gloves and masks in an effort to protect themselves from the coronavirus.

This is also an effort to supplement the force which does not have adequate materials to cater for all, said Nehale when queried about how ready is the police to tackle the deadly virus.

 “All these efforts goes to say that the police is ready in joining the fight by selflessly meeting the government halfway while the higher office organises and avails all necessary materials and equipment needed,” stated Nehale.
Furthermore she said the force is busy with sensitisation of the community members.

Obrien Simasiku
2020-03-24 08:03:07 | 6 months ago

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